Top 10 Nigerian Love Songs You Will Like to Listen During the Weekend

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Nigerian love songs hold a special place in our hearts, capturing the essence of love in all its forms. From nostalgic childhood tunes to the melodies that accompany our cherished moments, these songs have the power to transport us to a realm of love and emotion.

As we anticipate Valentine’s Day for next year 2024, let’s take a journey through the top ten Nigerian love songs that will make your heart skip a beat. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of Nigerian music and discover some timeless classics that deserve a spot on your playlist.

Top 10 Nigerian Love Songs

Ranking Artist Name Song Title
1 2face Love Is A Crime
2 Olufunmi Styl Plus
3 Johnny Drille Romeo & Juliet
4 9ice Wedding Day
5 Flavor ft Chidinma Ololufe
6 D’banj Fall In Love
7 Timi Dakolo Iyawo Mi
8 Wizkid Love My Baby
9 P Square I Love You
10 Ric Hassani My Love

Love Is a Crime by 2face

2face Idibia, a legendary Nigerian musician, serenades us with the soul-stirring “Love Is A Crime.” Released in 2006, this heartfelt love song resonates with anyone who has been willing to go to any lengths for their beloved. It’s a timeless gem that remains a favorite among fans, making it an essential addition to any Nigerian love songs playlist.

Olufunmi by Styl Plus

In 2003, Styl Plus gifted us with the timeless classic, “Olufunmi.” This mesmerizing love song tells the tale of a man deeply captivated by a woman named Olufunmi. With its catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics, “Olufunmi” has stood the test of time, solidifying its place in the Nigerian love songs genre as an eternal favorite.

Romeo & Juliet by Johnny Drille

Johnny Drille’s “Romeo & Juliet” is a captivating ballad that showcases his extraordinary vocal range. Through this enchanting track, he weaves a tale of two lovers who triumph over adversity to be together. The romantic lyrics and haunting melody of “Romeo & Juliet” make it an irresistible choice for any Nigerian love songs playlist.

Wedding Day by 9ice

When it’s time to celebrate love, “Wedding Day” by 9ice is the perfect anthem. Released in 2011, this upbeat Nigerian wedding song has become a staple at ceremonies across the country. With 9ice’s smooth vocals and infectious energy, “Wedding Day” will get you on your feet and fill your heart with joy.

Ololufe by Flavor ft Chidinma

The collaboration between Flavor and Chidinma resulted in the mesmerizing duet, “Ololufe.” This beautiful song encapsulates the deep love shared between two individuals. The highlife sound and soulful vocals transport you to a world of pure romance, making “Ololufe” an undeniable gem in the Nigerian music scene.

Fall In Love by D’banj

Nigerian superstar D’banj delivers an irresistible love song with “Fall In Love.” The track’s catchy rhythm and romantic lyrics have made it a fan favorite. Its infectious charm and D’banj’s signature style make “Fall In Love” a must-have for any Nigerian love songs playlist.

Iyawo Mi by Timi Dakolo

In 2014, Timi Dakolo gifted us with the soulful ballad, “Iyawo Mi.” Through heartfelt lyrics, Dakolo expresses his deep love for his wife. This emotional track has become a wedding classic in Nigeria, capturing the essence of true love. “Iyawo Mi” is a soul-stirring addition to any Nigerian love songs playlist.

Love My Baby by Wizkid

Wizkid, a Nigerian sensation, stole hearts with his infectious love song, “Love My Baby.” Released early in his career, this catchy tune became an instant hit. The upbeat tempo, combined with Wizkid’s smooth vocals, creates an irresistible charm that will make you sway and sing along. “Love My Baby” is a definite crowd-pleaser and an essential addition to your Nigerian love songs playlist.

I Love You by P Square

The dynamic twin duo, P Square, delivered a masterpiece with their heartfelt love song, “I Love You.” Released in 2009, this melodic gem continues to captivate audiences with its soulful chorus and poignant lyrics. It remains a fan favorite, showcasing the enduring power of love through the harmonious voices of P Square. “I Love You” is an emotional journey that deserves a special place in your Nigerian love songs collection.

My Love by Ric Hassani

Ric Hassani’s soulful ballad, “My Love,” showcases his incredible vocal range and songwriting prowess. With heartfelt lyrics and an emotional delivery, this enchanting track evokes deep emotions and resonates with listeners. “My Love” is a perfect choice for those who appreciate raw, honest expressions of love. Let Ric Hassani’s captivating voice and heartfelt lyrics sweep you away into a world of pure affection.

In Conclusion

Love has the power to transcend borders, cultures, and languages. Nigerian love songs are a testament to this universal emotion, capturing the essence of love in all its splendor. From the iconic tunes of 2face and Styl Plus to the soul-stirring ballads of Johnny Drille and Timi Dakolo, each song on this curated list holds a special place in the hearts of Nigerians and music lovers worldwide.

As you embark on your own journey of love, be it a new romance or cherishing memories with loved ones, let these Nigerian love songs serve as a soundtrack to your emotions. Add them to your playlist, and allow the melodies to transport you to a realm of love and enchantment.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of the top ten Nigerian love songs of all time. However, we would love to hear from you! Share your favorite Nigerian love songs in the comment section below and let us create an even more extensive playlist together. Love knows no boundaries, and music is the language that binds us all.

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