Adaora Mbelu Lumina Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Tribe, Husband, Children, Occupation, Married, Ex Husband

You are currently viewing Adaora Mbelu Lumina Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Tribe, Husband, Children, Occupation, Married, Ex Husband

Adaora Mbelu is a Creator, passion driven Creative Industrialist and Entrepreneur, and also a Blogger born to a Nigerian father and a Sri Lankan mother. Meanwhile let’s move forward to read the full biography and net worth of Lumina.

Adaora Mbelu Lumina Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Tribe, Husband, Children, Occupation, Married, Ex Husband

Wikipedia Profile & Background

Real Name: Adaora Mbelu Dania Lumina
Date of Birth: 12 September, 1986
Age: 36 years old @ 2022
State of Origin: Lagos State, Nigeria
Place of Birth: Colombo, Sri Lankan
Nationality: Nigerian-Sri Lanka
Boyfriend – Husband: Akinlabi Akinbulumo
Occupation: Entrepreneur – Blogger – Brand Developer, Storyteller, Content Strategist
Net Worth: < $1 million
Education: Northern Kentucky University, Bachelor of Science in Economics
Parents: Nigerian father and Sri Lankan mother

Adaora Mbelu Lumina Biography

Adaora Mbelu is a Bright Light, a Dreamterpreter, and a Purpose Driver. She was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on September 12, 1986. She was born to a Nigerian father and a Sri Lankan mother.

Adaora Mbelu is a creative industrialist, entrepreneur, and blogger at He is driven by a passion for creativity and business, and he became interested in entrepreneurship with the goal of making business plans that organizations can use.

She started her company, Innovation Factory, in 2011. Since then, Adaora Mbelu Lumina has helped her clients’ businesses grow by coming up with successful branding strategies based on in-depth feasibility studies.

Adaora Mbelu Lumina Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Tribe, Husband, Children

Education Background

Adaora started school at Learning Field Nursery and Primary School in Lagos (1990 – 1997). Then, from 1997 to 2003, she went to Queens College, Lagos, where she got her Senior Secondary Certificate Examination. After that, she went to Northern Kentucky University and got her Bachelor of Science in Economics (2004 – 2008).

How old Is Adaora Mbelu Lumina – Age

The Nigerian and Sri Lankan Entrepreneur, Blogger, Brand Developer, Storyteller and Content Strategist, Adaora Mbelu Lumina was born on the 12th day of September, 1986. She is currently at the age of, 36 years old.

Where Is Adaora Mbelu Lumina From – State of Origin

Adaora Mbelu Lumina was born to a Nigerian father and a Sri Lankan mother. She thinks of herself as a citizen of the world. She was born in Sri Lanka’s Colombo and grew up in Lagos.

Adaora Mbelu Lumina Biography And Net Worth, Age, State


Is Adaora Lumina Mbelu Married; Some people might be surprised to learn that Adaora Lumina Mbelu got a divorce two years ago. Now, she is talking about the real-life lessons she learned from her divorce and how she uses those lessons in her relationships with other people.

She says:

Hi Guys, if you’ve read my book “This Thing Called Purpose”, it’s no news to you that I went through a separation about 2 years ago, and a divorce. At the time when my divorce process started, I tried to search for content that talked about how to handle things.

I couldn’t find anything in this part of the world, that I could learn from. I realize that Divorce is a “taboo” subject, and many people are either too ashamed to talk about it, or just don’t want to deal with 3rd party.

I’ve just done a video on my YouTube channel, where I share 10 Things I learned from my divorce. I’m an advocate for trying to fix broken relationships, so…No… I’m not asking you to get a divorce.?. (Had to get that disclaimer in, because some of y”all can tell your pastor that Adaora said….).

This video is for people who have either been through a separation/divorce, going through one, or for anyone who has been in an intimate relationships that ended. .

In this video, I talk about some of the things I’ve learned, and how I believe it’s best to handle the entire process.


As a brand developer at Dreamterpreters Inc., she has worked on projects for multinational companies, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and individuals. Some of these brands are Google, Guinness, Johnnie Walker, Microsoft, Pernod Ricard, FSDH, Union Bank, FCMB, TWE Global, Pepsi Co, Tobi Bakre, Godwin Strings, Osa Seven, Denola Grey, and others.

She was in charge of the content for the UNWTO Conference, the Nigeria Centenary Awards, and the International Conference on Peace and Security. She was also the project manager for Fremantle Licensed TV Shows, like Nigerian Idol and Nigeria’s Got Talent, where she oversaw the business, brand, and production of the shows.

During the 2010 World Cup, Adaora was the Corporate Communications Manager for OSMI. He was in charge of all communications about Nigeria’s broadcast rights. OSMI also owned broadcast marketing licenses for the FA Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and UEFA Champions League.

Before she moved to Nigeria, she worked as a Credit Analyst at Citigroup USA, where she won awards for how well she organized things and how well she worked with others. In 2017, she was one of “11 Africans who are changing the business scene in Africa” in Entrepreneur Magazine.

His Imperial Majesty, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi, gave Adaora the Royal Leadership Award (Ooni of Ife). She is up for “Entrepreneur of the Year” and “Prize for Media Enterprise” at the Future Awards Africa.

At the Her Network Woman of the Year Awards in 2019, she won the award for “Most Inspiring Woman.” Adaora has been named one of Nigeria’s Under-40 CEOs and one of Nigeria’s Top 30 Under-30.

At the age of 16, Adaora went to New York and Washington, DC, USA to represent Nigeria at the Global Young Leaders Conference. She was named Outstanding Freshman at NKU, Outstanding Sophomore at NKU, and Outstanding Junior at NKU when she was in college.

She was also asked to be on the honors committees for the National Scholars Honor Society and the Entrepreneurship Institute. At Northern Kentucky University, she was president of the African Students Union and vice president and social chair of the International Students Union.

She was given a scholarship from The Castellini Foundation called “The Spirit of Entrepreneurship.” She is very interested in community development in addition to her schoolwork and job. She is one of the people who started Socially Africa, a group that gives back to the community in many ways.

One of her ideas is that it’s important to live with a purpose and use as many of her gifts as she can. So, she finds different ways to say what she wants to say. Through her community, she loves to teach and share what she has learned.

She is a visual artist, a designer, a photographer, a poet, a rapper, and she recently co-produced and acted in the award-winning TV series “Truth” on the Africa Magic Channel.

Adaora Mbelu Lumina Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Tribe, Husband, Children, Occupation, Married, Ex Husband

Founder of Lumination Global Network

Adaora is the founder of the Lumination Global Network, which is a group of people who want to live with a purpose and help others at the same time. These people come from many different industries and fields, and they use their talents to help people and make the world a better place.

Over the past few years, she has built a network of more than 60,000 people who are committed to the Lumination Tribe. The Lumination Show, The Lumination Podcast, Lumination Live, and the platform for teens, Lumination Z, are all ways that Lumination Tribe makes and shares content.


She has been a librarian, a care worker, a credit analyst, project manager, producer, digital marketer, restaurant manager, corporate communications manager, magazine editor, content developer, talent manager, trainer, brand developer, and lot’s more.

Lumination Global Network is an organization with the objective to enable both individuals and organizations to live a life of purpose, and she is the organization’s founder.

She is also the author of a book titled “This Thing Called Purpose,” which is a guidebook that assists readers in comprehending the core of what it means to live with and through purpose.

Brands and Organisations She Worked With

In the last 10 years, Adaora has actively helped Entrepreneurs, Athletes, Creatives, Brand custodians, Students, Politicians, Captains of Industry, Pastors, and Young Professionals understand their dreams. A big part of her strategy is to teach people how to think objectively, with heart, and with victory in mind.

Adaora knows that everyone has the ability to do something that fills the need of something else that already exists. They have a goal that is carried out in many different tasks, and through her business, she has been able to help people discover gifts, platforms, and solutions.

As she did this, she began to help brands find new ways to connect with their customers and share their brand stories. She has worked on brand strategy, brand communications, storytelling, campaigns, digital marketing, and experiential marketing for both personal and corporate brands. She has worked with some of the following clients:

  1. Google
  2. TWE Global
  3. Diageo
  4. Union Bank
  5. FSDH
  6. FCMB
  7. Pernod Ricard
  8. Mirus Events
  9. Punuka
  10. Johnny Walker
  11. Guinness
  12. Pepsi Co
  13. Godwin Strings
  14. Denola Grey
  15. Tobi Bakre
  16. Osa Seven amongst others


Adaora started a movement called Socially Africa in 2015 to teach people how to Be Good, Do Good, and Inspire Good. At Socially Africa, the goal is to raise up a new generation of leaders and problem-solvers whose skills go beyond business and career success.

Socially, Africa thinks that giving doesn’t always have to be about money and that everyone has something to give, whether it’s time, effort, love, money, or knowledge. Socially Africa has done important projects that go beyond just giving money to people in need with the help of personal donations and crowdfunding. We make sure to give our full attention to the people we are helping by spending time with them.

Adaora started Socially Africa so that the next generation could learn from what we do and how it affects the world, instead of just looking for the next job or building a personal life. Her co-founders and herself put money from their businesses into projects that helped the community.

Over the past few years, we’ve run our Art for a Cause program in 16 schools across Nigeria, helping more than 15,000 children. We have also held many food drives, taught people how to code, and given out tens of thousands of Love boxes.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, my tribe switchonbootcamp and I started a campaign called #FundTheFlow to help women and girls who couldn’t afford tampons or pads.

So far, we’ve given out more than 5,000 packs of sanitary pads to help women in poor communities get their periods and take care of their menstrual hygiene in general.

One of Socially Africa’s main goals is to get other people into the habit of giving and getting them to help out in their communities. So, we are one of the service learning and advocacy partners for the American International School in Lagos, where we work with the kids on projects.

Net Worth

Her net worth is expected to be below or above, $1 million.

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