Aisha Matawalle Biography and Net Worth, Age, Children, Parents, State, Husband, Career

Aishat Matawalle Biography and Net Worth, Age, Children, Parents, State, Husband, Career
(Last Updated On: March 12, 2023)

Meet Mrs. Aisha Matawalle Bello, who is the wife of the governor of Zamfara State in Nigeria. She is passionate about women’s health and girls’ education. Let’s read little information about her and biography below.

Aisha Bello Matawalle’s husband is named Bello Mohammad Matawalle, they have a large family together. Bello has four wifes (Aisha, Hajiya Balkisu, Hajiya Sadiya and Malama Fatima Bello Matawalle) all of them has kids for the current governor of Zamfara State, Nigeria. [1]

Aishat Matawalle Biography and Net Worth, Age, Children, Parents, State, Husband, Career

Aisha Matawalle Biography

Hajiya Aisha Bello Matawalle is known as the wife of Bello Matawalle, she is an advocate for women’s health and girl child education in her state, and also the first lady of Zamfara State, Nigeria. She is a philanthropist in her state, she donates items to mothers of newborn babies.

Aisha Bello Matawalle is an educationist, she cares about empowering women and has created programs to help poor people with social protection cash transfers. [2] Aisha Bello Matawalle has urged women not to sell their votes during elections. [3]

However, there isn’t any information available about her job or career besides her work as the First Lady of Zamfara State. We really do not have much information about her career and occupations.

Aishat Matawalle Biography and Net Worth, Age, Children, Parents

Aisha Bello Matawalle Husband

Bello Matawalle is a Nigerian politician and the current Governor of Zamfara State since 2019. His real name is Bello Muhammad Matawalle, but he is mostly called Bello Matawalle.

He was born on February 12, 1969, in Maradun Local Government Area of Zamfara. He attended Maradun Township Primary School and completed in 1983. [4]

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Aishat Bello Matawalle Biography, Age, Net Worth

Aisha Bello Matawalle’s date of birth, age, place of birth, full name, parents, siblings, relatives, net worth, tribe, children and lot’s more about her remains undisclosed. In case you have more information about her, do not hesitate to drop a comment below with the details you have.

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