Akinsanmiro Ibafo Biography and Net Worth, Age, Parents, Tribe, State, Position, Salary

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The Inspiring Journey of Ebenezer Akinsanmiro Ibafo, Inter Milan’s Teenage player. He is a young boy who loves playing football. He dreams of becoming a famous footballer like his idols from Nigeria and playing for Inter Milan.

His father, Omosaye, used to play football too and is happy that his son shares the same passion. He supports Akinsanmiro in pursuing his dreams and hopes he will achieve great things at Inter Milan.

Akinsanmiro’s story shows that if you work hard, stay determined, and have the right support, you can achieve your goals. Let’s read momre about his full biography, and background below.

Akinsanmiro Ibafo Biography and Net Worth, Age, Parents, Tribe, State, Position, Salary

Akinsanmiro Ibafo Biography

Akinsanmiro Ibafo was born in Ijora Badia, Lagos, by a known football player, Omosaye. Akinsanmiro’s dream to become a footballer faced several obstacles from his foster parents. Each time he tried to play, they added more house chores, which made it difficult for him to pursue his passion.

At that point, he gave up on football, but his father intervened and brought him back home. However, his form and confidence had dipped, and he opted to learn a trade. It was his father and coach who encouraged him to return to football.

Return to Football and Beyond

With his father’s support, Akinsanmiro regained his form back and was immediately spotted by an academy, Beyond Limits, the youth side of Ikenne-based NPFL side Remo Stars.

From there, he was selected to be part of the squad that shone at The Creative Championship and Viareggio Cup World Football Tournament in Italy, where he was spotted by scouts of Italian giants Inter Milan, who subsequently signed him to their youth team.

Following Obafemi Martins’ Path

Akinsanmiro joined Inter Milan’s youth team, joining the list of Nigerian players who earned rare moves to the top European leagues.

He hopes to force his way into the club’s first team after following a similar route to former Super Eagles striker, Obafemi Martins, who joined Inter’s youth team from Reggiana, after flourishing with FC Ebedei in Nigeria.

Akinsanmiro Ibafo Biography and Net Worth

A Unique Player with A Different Skill Set

Akinsanmiro’s coach at Beyond Limits, Ajibola Olumide, praises the talented midfielder, who he says loves to dictate the pace of the game. According to Olumide, Akinsanmiro is a unique player with a different skill set.

He plays standing tall, does not slough, and defines pressure, dictating the pace of the game. At his age, he has a mind of his own, which makes him unique.

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