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Akwaboah Jnr.: Unveiling the Melodic MaestroIn the realm of Ghanaian music, there exists a luminary whose harmonious melodies have enchanted the hearts of many.

This virtuoso goes by the name Gladstorm Kwabena Akwaboah Jnr., but you might know him better as Akwaboah Jnr. A singer-songwriter and producer hailing from the picturesque town of Mampong Beposo, Akwaboah Jnr. has woven his musical magic into the tapestry of Highlife and Hiplife genres.

Akwaboah Jnr Biography

Birthed into a musical dynasty, Akwaboah Jnr. was destined to be a maestro. His father, the renowned highlife musician Kwadwo Akwaboah, laid the foundation for his musical journey.

From an early age, the melody flowed through his veins, and his fingers found solace on the keys of a keyboard. His teenage years marked the genesis of his musical expedition, a journey that would reverberate with the chords of success.

Age and Date of Birth

He is currently in his thirties (30’s), his date of birth is currently unavailable.


Akwaboah Jnr.’s pen dripped with lyrics that resonated with hearts far and wide. The year 2010 witnessed a melodious coup as his compositions “Daa Ke Daa” for Becca and “Ayeyi Ndwom” for DSP Kofi Sarpong clinched victory at the Ghana Music Awards.

These achievements echoed like sweet symphonies, earning him the esteemed title of “Song Writer for the Year” for the enchanting “Daa Ke Daa.”

Musical Alchemist and Collaborator Extraordinaire

Beyond the pen, Akwaboah Jnr. wields his mastery over the keyboard. His skillful fingers have graced the compositions of not just local luminaries, but also international icons like Hugh Masekela and John Legend.

His touch transformed compositions into gold, assisting fellow musicians in their ascension to stardom. Such prowess caught the attention of BET Award winner Sarkodie, leading to his signing with Sarkcess Music.

Notably, he played a pivotal role in Sarkodie’s album “Mary,” adding his producing and co-writing talents to the mix. While Akwaboah Jnr.’s accolades and achievements are like stars in the night sky, his journey is far from over.

His musical odyssey continues to captivate hearts, weaving a symphonic spell that transcends boundaries. As his melodies drift through the airwaves, we find ourselves enchanted by the magic he conjures, a testament to his indelible mark on Ghanaian music.

Akwaboah Jnr Biography, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Children, Married, Region, Tribe, Parents

Awards and Resonance

Akwaboah Jnr.’s talent was not confined to the studio; it spilled onto the stage. He orchestrated the “Shades of Love” concert, an annual celebration of melodious affection held every February 14th.

His own discography boasts the studio album “Matters of the Heart” (2018), an opus that resonated deeply with listeners.

Is Akwaboah Jnr Married?

We currently do not have any information of him having a wife or a girlfriend, and he currently do not have children.

Net Worth

Popnable.com reported, theta his net worth is $1.4K as of September 2020.

In Conclusion

Akwaboah Jnr. is more than a name; he is a melody, a rhythm, and a harmonious journey. From his musical origins in Mampong Beposo to the grand stages of awards and concerts, his legacy resounds.

His songs are not just notes and lyrics; they are the keys to unlocking emotions, memories, and moments. As his fingers dance on the keyboard and his voice serenades our souls, we remain captivated by the symphony that is Akwaboah Jnr.

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