Alizee Guinochet: A Talented Model and Actress

Alizee Guinochet is a French model and actress known for her exceptional work in the fashion industry. She was born on May 17, 1985, in Paris, France, into the Guinochet family. Alizee had an innate talent for fashion and modeling.

Alizee Guinochet Biography and Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Relationship, Parents, Education, Background, Early Life

Early Life and Education

Alizee Guinochet’s parents and siblings’ names are still under wraps, but it’s believed that she attended local schools in Paris for her foundational education.

Later, she moved to Paris, the fashion capital of the world, to pursue her passion for modeling. Her qualifications and academic history have not been disclosed to the public.


Alizee Guinochet began her career as a model in the fashion industry, working with various brands and designers. Later, she transitioned into acting and made her debut in the movie Holy Rollers, alongside famous actors like Adel Lambert, where she played a French model.

Alizee has since appeared in a few more films, including Rock N Roll in 2017, where she played Maman Rcole Lucien. Although she has limited work in the film industry, her talent and dedication to her craft are evident.

Alizee Guinochet Biography and Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend

Personal Life

Alizee Guinochet and David Blaine were in a romantic relationship for six years. [1] They were engaged and had a daughter named Dessa Blaine, who was born on January 27, 2011. However, the couple broke up in 2014. [2] [3]

Net Worth

Alizee Guinochet is a famous model and actress who is worth $1 million. She earns a lot from her deals with famous fashion brands. In France, the average earnings for actresses are $63,942 (€58122). This shows that Alizee is successful in her career.

Alizee Guinochet Biography and Net Worth, Background, Early Life

In Conclusion

Alizee Guinochet is a skilled model and actress who loves the fashion industry. Her numerous endorsement deals and thriving acting career prove her success in the field.

Although her personal life with David Blaine attracted media attention, Alizee is committed to her career and is making progress in the industry.

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