Ashleigh Plumptre Parents: Biography and Net Worth, Age, Nationality, Husband, Father, Mother

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On May 8, 1998, Ashleigh Plumptre was born in Leicester, England, in the United Kingdom to a father who is a half-Nigerian descent and a mother who is of British descent. Below, you’ll find more information on her full biography, including her parents and her net worth.

Ashleigh Plumptre is a professional footballer from England who was born in England, UK. She presently plays center back for Leicester City in the FA Women’s Super League and defends for Nigeria’s Super Falcons. Plumptre is also a member of Nigeria’s national team.

Ashleigh Plumptre Biography and Net Worth, Age, Nationality, Husband, Father, Mother

Ashleigh Plumptre Wikipedia Profile

Real Name: Ashleigh Megan Plumptre
Date Of Birth: 8 May 1998
Age: 25 years old @ 2023
State Of Origin: England, UK
Nationality: British-Nigerian
Boyfriend – Husband: Unknown
Occupation: Footballer
Net Worth: $1.5 million
Place of Birth: Leicester, England’s East Midlands
Parents: Tim Plumptre (Father)

Ashleigh Plumptre is a professional football player who defends the center position for both the Nigerian national team and Leicester City in the English Women’s Super League. She also plays for the Nigerian club team.

In addition to that, she is a member of the Nigerian club team. She had previously participated at the international junior level for England before making her debut for the senior squad for Nigeria in February 2022. Her first international competition was for England.

Ashleigh Plumptre Biography

Ashleigh Plumptre was born in the city of Leicester, which is situated in the East Midlands area of England in the United Kingdom. In July of 2021, the Super Falcons, Nigeria’s senior women’s soccer team, sent an invitation to Ashleigh Plumptre, who was born in England to an English mother and a father who is half-Nigerian. Plumptre’s father is of mixed Nigerian and English ancestry.

Her father is of half-Nigerian descent, while her mother is of English descent. Ashleigh Plumptre expressed her wish on several occasions for her nation to be represented in the sport that she played before she was called up to play for the Nigerian Super Falcons.

Parents | Father | Mother

Her father’s name is Tim Plumptre. (( We don’t know who her mother is right now. Ashleigh’s grandpa on her father’s side is from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. Ashleigh Plumptre’s father is a British-Nigerian FA Registered Intermediary. On June 10, 1970, he was born. ((

Ashleigh Plumptre Biography and Net Worth, Age, Nationality

Age | Date of Birth

At the time this article was written, she was 25 years old. Presently, she is currently at the age of 25 years old this year 2023. She was born on May 8th, 1998.

State of Origin | Place of Birth

The city of Leicester, which is found in the United Kingdom, is where Ashleigh Plumptre was born by Yoruba Nigerian father and British mother. (( She was bred in the United Kingdom, where she was also born.

Tribe | Religion

Ashleigh Plumptre’s religion is that of a Christian, and her Yoruba lineage originates from the state of Lagos in Nigeria, which is where Tim Plumptre’s mother was born.

Net Worth

One of the highest-paid female football players in Nigeria and one of the most expensive players in the world. One of the wealthiest female football players in Nigeria. The exceptional football player has acquired a net worth of $1.5 million thanks to her career accomplishments.

When she was still playing football, she made a number of public appearances, which contributed to an increase in her wealth. The details of Ashleigh Plumptre’s personal life are kept very secret from the general public. You may want to check the page again in a few days to see if it has been modified to reflect her current marital or relationship status.


Despite the fact that it was anticipated that she would be selected late in the first round or early in the second round of the 2020 NWSL College Draft, Plumptre made the decision to return to England and reteam with her local team Leicester City in order to compete in the FA Women’s Championship in December 2019.

Plumptre made this decision despite the fact that it was projected that she would be selected either late in the first round or early in the second round. According to reports, the Foxes were able to outbid their competition in the FA WSL in order to recruit her.

On January 19, 2020, she participated in her debut game with the senior team of Leicester City, which resulted in a victory over Crystal Palace by a score of 3-1. During the game, she provided an assist on a goal that was scored by Ella Rutherford.

As a result of the extensive coronavirus epidemic that occurred during Plumptre’s first season at Leicester City, he was only able to make three appearances in the league. Overall, Leicester finished in sixth position after taking into account the points that were earned in each tournament.

At the under-15, under-17, under-19, and under-23 levels, as well as in the UEFA Women’s Under-17 Championship in 2014 and 2015, Plumptre has competed for England. Plumptre was a member of the England team that competed in the UEFA Women’s Under-17 Championship in both 2014 and 2015.

She played largely as a striker or an attacking midfielder when she was younger, and she scored twice against Moldova in a game that resulted in a win that culminated in a 9-0 victory in the qualifying round for the 2015 UEFA Women’s Under-17 Championship. This victory came in the qualifying phase.

Plumptre, who was just 17 years old at the time, was picked to play for the under-23 team that participated in the 2016 La Manga Tournament. He was the youngest player to be chosen for the squad. During her stint in the junior divisions, she was involved in a total of 30 games and scored 10 goals.

The following month, Plumptre was awarded her first call-up in order to take part in a training camp that was conducted in Austria for a duration of eight days. Because she had previously expressed an interest in competing for Nigeria at the senior level in June of 2021, this came as a surprise to everyone. As a result of the fact that her paternal grandpa was of Yoruba descent and was born in Nigeria, she is qualified to participate in sports on behalf of Nigeria.

Ashleigh Plumptre Biography

Real Reason I Chose to Play for Nigeria

In a recent interview, the defender Ashleigh Plumptre of the Nigeria women’s national football team, the Super Falcons, revealed the factors that led her to choose to participate in the sport for Nigeria.

Plumptre, who now plays her club football for Leicester City, said that her ancestry and her family were key motivations in her choosing to transfer allegiances. Plumptre is a member of the England national football team. Plumptre is a member of Leicester City’s women’s club football team at the moment.

The 23-year-old had a terrific beginning to her career with the Super Falcons when she made her debut for the squad against Cote D’Ivoire in Abuja last month. Her first game with the team was against Cote D’Ivoire. Plumptre spent his first few years of life in the United Kingdom, but in January of this year, FIFA gave him clearance to compete for Nigeria.

Plumptre provided an explanation for her choice to play for Nigeria by stating, “My purpose in football has evolved as I have matured.” Plumptre was speaking to Channels TV about her decision. My path has taken a little different turn, and the reason I play football has also shifted somewhat. Plumptre was questioned on his choice to participate in the game for Nigeria.

“Football is one of my favorite sports, but despite the fact that I like it so much, I much rather compete while working toward a specific objective. By delving more into the history of my family and by advocating on behalf of the people I know best, I am well aware of the power that I am able to wield, and I do it with full consciousness. It’s not just about playing football; it’s also about the things I’m passionate about and the things I can contribute as a person to the team.

She went on to remark, “I am a person who is typically cheerful, but when it comes to being on the field, I bring out my more aggressive side.” (I am a person who is generally joyful.) It’s possible that’s where some of my Nigerian ancestry comes from.”

In Conclusion

Ashleigh Plumptre’s given name is simply shortened to Ashleigh. Ashleigh Plumptre Megan Plumptre is a professional footballer who competes in the FA Women’s Super League for Leicester City. She was born in the United Kingdom. In February of 2022, she made her debut playing for the senior Nigeria women’s national team, which is known as the Super Falcons.

Plumptre is now a member of the Leicester City team that competes in the FA Women’s Super League. Despite the fact that Ashleigh Plumptre’s parents are from the United Kingdom, her paternal grandfather is a member of the Yoruba tribe, which is located in Nigeria. It was in England that she made her debut.

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