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Who is Aunty Flora

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Aunty Flora Wikipedia Profile

Real Name: Gabriella Victory Omozele
Date Of Birth: 2 November, 1995
Age: 27 years old @ 2022
State Of Origin: Edo State, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Boyfriend – Husband: Unknown
Occupation: Comediannie
Net Worth: Under Est.
Place of Birth: Edo State
Parents: Unknown
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Aunty Flora 222 Biography

Aunty Flora222 is a native of Nigeria’s Edo State. She was born on November 2nd, 1995. Nigerian comedian Flora 222 has an own kind of humor. Gabriel Omozele is an actor and comedian better known by his stage name Flora 222. We give you a thorough biography of Flora 222, including her real name, last name, sense of humor, social circle, and contact details. A comedian from Nigeria is named Flora 222 Mizgabbie.

Who is Aunty Flora Biography And Net Worth

Aunty Flora Age – Date of Birth

How Old Is Aunty Flora? Aunty Flora is How Many Years Old? She is currently at the age of 27 years old at the year of publishing this article. She was born on 02 November, 1995.

She hasn’t made any information about her mother, father, or siblings public, but we promise that as time goes on, we’ll provide you guys all the information you need to know about her parents, siblings, and other family members.

Unknown to the public, Flora 222 is dating someone. She stated in one of her comedy videos that Falzthebhadguy intended to steal her away from Chukwudi, who neither exists nor is the lover of Flora 222. But she doesn’t promote her lover online.

Aunty Flora State of Origin

Where is Aunty Flora From? Aunty Flora Is From Which State? Flora is from the Nigerian state of Edo. Before relocating to Lagos to pursue her comedic career, she was born and raised there. She will also celebrate her birthday on November 2, which is a special occasion. In the current year of 2022, she will turn 27.

Who is Aunty Flora Biography And Net Worth

Aunty Flora Net Worth

One of Nigeria’s social media stars, Gabriel Victory Omozele, has amassed a modest net worth while being well-known on Tiktok, Instagram, and Twitter. Flora florenzi, or better yet Mizgabbie, is a very active user and influencer on these platforms due to the fact that she became well-known through social media and still makes money from it.

She has around 500k tiktok followers in addition to over 200k on Instagram. Her Instagram username is @mizgabbie (Flora 222). On tiktok, Flora 222 (also known as Mizgabbie) is accessible as @gabbie tori. Although not much is known about Mizgabbie’s parents and family, she occasionally shares pictures of her parents on social media when she is paying tribute to them.

Aunty Flora Career

All that can be credited for Flora 222’s present rise in fame and fan base is the push she received from Nigeria’s top Instagram content creator and writer Tunde Ednut, who frequently posted clips of Flora Comedy on his page. Flora 222 was born and raised in Edo State, but she now calls Lagos home because of her NYSC assignment there.

Who is Aunty Flora Biography And Net Worth

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