Meet Sunday Enejere, who is popularly known as Babyfresh. He is a music producer working under Don Jazzy and is the CEO of “Blowtime Entertainment,” a subsidiary of Mavin Records. He is also known as “Uncle Frr.”

Baby Fresh was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. He has gained popularity for producing music for various Nigerian artists and has made a significant contribution to the Nigerian music industry.

Baby Fresh Biography and Net Worth, Age, Family, State, Tribe, Wife, Married

Baby Fresh Biography

Baby Fresh, whose real name is Sunday Enejere, is a Nigerian music producer signed to Don Jazzy’s record label, Mavin Records. He has worked with Mavin Records artists and produced hit songs for them. The Nigerian producer is known for his signature sound that blends different music genres and has produced numerous hit singles.

Net Worth

Baby Fresh’s net worth is estimated to be between $13k and $15k, which is equivalent to ₦5,986,760.00, ₦6,907,800.00 in Nigerian Naira respectively. [1] He has been nominated for various awards, including “The Beatz.”


In 2011, Sunday Enejere joined Cool FM as Assistant Head of Production and produced several jingles, adverts, and an Afropop song featuring the radio station’s OAPs.

In 2012, Don Jazzy met Baby Fresh through Mavin Records’ Dprince, who was searching for a producer that could use Logic perfectly.

Don Jazzy then signed Baby Fresh and Altims, whose real name is Timothy, as producers for Mavin Records. The Nigerian producer is known for his signature sound that has made him identifiable to music lovers. He has produced numerous hit singles due to his versatility and talent.

Baby Fresh Biography and Net Worth

Mavin Producers

Currently, Mavin has 3 producers including Don Jazzy, Baby Fresh, and Altims. [2]

Age | Date of Birth

The Nigerian producer, Sunday Enejere was born on November 13, 1983, in Nigeria. He is currently 40 years old. Baby Fresh is a music producer and has made a name for himself in the Nigerian music industry.

State of Origin | Tribe

He was born in Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria. You can as well read the Wikipedia biodata of Beatie Edney, thank you for reading the full biography and net worth of Sunday Enejere. Follow us on social media (@whoiswriterblog) for social entertainment.

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