Kaduna State Governor’s Son Mocks Falz for Undergoing Knee Surgery in the UK

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In a surprising turn of events, Bashir El-Rufai, the son of Kaduna State Governor, took to social media to mock popular Nigerian rapper Falz for undergoing knee surgery in the United Kingdom. The news of Falz’s surgery was initially shared on Twitter by NN News, where they requested prayers for his successful procedure.

However, El-Rufai expressed his disappointment in Falz’s decision to seek medical treatment abroad, suggesting that as a renowned human rights activist, he should have chosen a Nigerian hospital like LASUTH instead. This unexpected comment has sparked a debate among Nigerians, questioning the choices made by public figures and their responsibilities.

The Controversy Unveiled

Bashir El-Rufai, known for his active presence on social media platforms, couldn’t resist sharing his opinion on Falz’s choice of medical treatment.

Taking to his preferred platform, he derided the rapper’s decision to travel overseas for knee surgery, particularly given his reputation as a passionate advocate for human rights.

El-Rufai’s exact words were, “UK? He didn’t go to LASUTH as a bona-fide human rights activist? Disappointing.”

Kaduna State Governor's Son Mocks Falz for Undergoing Knee Surgery in the UK

Falz’s Impact Beyond Music

Falz, renowned for his lyrical prowess and thought-provoking music, has also made a name for himself as a vocal figure in the pursuit of a better Nigeria.

His involvement in the 2020 EndSARS movement solidified his status as an activist, as he fearlessly spoke out against police brutality and called for necessary reforms.

With his surgery news drawing attention from unexpected quarters, many supporters of Falz are rallying behind him, defending his right to seek the best medical care available.

Now, we turn to you, our valued readers. What are your thoughts on this unfolding controversy? Do you believe Falz made the right decision by opting for knee surgery in the UK, or should he have chosen a Nigerian hospital instead?

Is it fair to hold public figures to different standards when it comes to their personal choices? We invite you to share your opinions, insights, and perspectives in the comments section below. Let your voice be heard on this intriguing matter!

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