BBTitans: Is Big Brother Titans Nana Straight or Bisexual

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Nana, one of the housemates on Big Brother Titans, has admitted that she is not very interested in engaging in s3xu@l !nte&c0u&se. Let’s read below to know if she is straight or Bisexual.

Is Big Brother Titans Nana Bisexual or Straight

During the conversation that Yvonne and Olivia were having, Nana passed on this knowledge to both of them. Let’s read what Nana said to them.

The 22-year-old BBtitans housemate revealed that she is bisexual, as well as the fact that in order to stay alive, she has engaged in a lot of questionable activities.

Is Big Brother Titans Nana Straight or Bisexual

“I’ve had a lot of interactions with men of varying heights and weights because I’m in a financial bind and I’m eager for cash. As a result, I am able to adjust to meet whatever you are and whatever size you may be. Get up and take care of whatever business you have to attend to.

“I don’t enjoy s3kxz; I don’t feel it. As soon as I was forced to begin serving ladies, things quickly escalated from bad to worse. Do you remember when I told you that I identify as bisexual? Nana Said.

During the course of everything that was going on, Nelisa had already divulged the fact that Nana is bisexual. ((

She added that Nana has recently been exhibiting indicators that are consistent with a bisexual orientation.


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