Bethusile Mcinga Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Mother, Father, Parents, Married, Background

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Bethusile Mcinga, a talented South African gospel artist, has made a significant impact on the music industry with his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics. While his exact birth date remains unknown, Bethusile Mcinga is currently 36 years old, according to

He was born in Willowvale and raised in Umtata, situated in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Bethusile Mcinga comes from a musical family, with his mother being the acclaimed gospel artist Lusanda Mcinga.

Musical Journey and Achievements

Bethusile Mcinga started his singing career at the age of 14, performing with his family in church services. He became a keyboard player for the Lusanda Spiritual Group (LSG) and eventually became one of the backing vocalists.

In 2008, Bethusile Mcinga launched his solo career with his first album “Mandibe Ngowakho,” which included the popular single “Ndiyanqophisa.” This album sold over 25,000 copies and earned him a nomination at the South African Gospel Music Awards.

His second album, “Inceba Zika Jesu,” was released in 2010 and featured collaborations with his mother Lusanda Mcinga and Bulela M. Bethusile Mcinga’s success has earned him recognition on radio and appearances on Gospel TV shows. He now operates as an independent artist and has his own record label, Betusile Music Entertainment.

Bethusile Mcinga’s latest album, “Kuphelele,” is a 12-track project released through Top Class Productions, featuring collaborations with Dumi Mkokstad. Bethusile Mcinga’s talent and ability to collaborate with other artists continue to inspire fans.

Philanthropy and Community Involvement

Bethusile Mcinga is not just a talented musician, but also a kind and dedicated community member. He volunteers for different initiatives, such as raising funds to provide food and school uniforms for students in need in Willowvale.

He is also actively involved in church activities and helps raise money for important causes like supporting orphans and church development. Bethusile Mcinga is a well-known figure who is relied upon by his community for his generosity and support.

Bethusile Mcinga Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Mother, Father, Parents, Married, Background

Recognition and Performances

Bethusile Mcinga is a highly talented South African gospel singer who has gained recognition throughout his career. He was nominated for the South African Gospel Music Awards while signed with the Gallo label.

In 2008, he served as a judge in the Nedbank Music Challenge, using his expertise to help aspiring musicians. Bethusile Mcinga has performed on big stages in South Africa and internationally with other top gospel artists.

Personal Life

Betusile Mcinga is a South African gospel singer who grew up in Umtata, Eastern Cape, with his mother, Lusanda Mcinga, who is also a famous gospel singer. He began singing in church services when he was just 14 years old.

Betusile Mcinga is married to Lelmoso Mcinga, and they have four children together. There is no information available about his father, siblings, or other family members.

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