“Please don’t sign up if you’re in a relationship but still pay your own bills,” Bobrisky says. on his/her twitter post. Let’s read below to check out his/her point of view.

Bobrisky Gives Relationship Advice To The Ladies Paying Their Personal Bills

Bobrisky Gives Relationship Advice To The Ladies

Idris Okuneye, who calls himself a Nigerian Barbie model and goes by the name Bobrisky, thinks that women shouldn’t take care of themselves in relationships.

You may remember that Bob was recently in the news because of his little fight with Papaya, an influential person. In a video that is going around, the cross-dresser told women to break up with their men if they don’t spend money on them.

Bobrisky Said;

“If you are in a relationship sn still pay your own bills, kindly sign out. Don’t fight nor argue with him, but kindly sign out. I cannot be in a relationship and still be paying my own bills. Kojoor o.”

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