Brian DeQuincey Newman Biography And Net Worth, Funeral, Age, Wife, Kids, Nationality, Family

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The circumstances surrounding Brian DeQuincey Newman’s death are not yet fully understood. He has a background in both the armed forces and the fight for civil rights.

Brian DeQuincey Newman Biography And Net Worth, Funeral, Age, Wife, Kids, Nationality

Brian DeQuincey Newman Biography

His real name is Brian DeQuincey Newman, he was a lawyer in Columbia, was elected to City Council in 2010 and became the youngest member of the council at that time.

E.W. Cromartie, his immediate predecessor, was forced to retire after pleading guilty to federal tax evasion charges, which resulted in the vacancy of the District 2 position. That seat was occupied by him.

Educational Background

Morehouse College and the University of South Carolina School of Law both awarded degrees to Newman, as stated in the profile that can be seen on the website that is dedicated to his legal career. 2013 marked the beginning of his own business venture.

Brian DeQuincey Newman Biography

Age – How old Is Brian DeQuincey Newman

Brian DeQuincey Newman, who used to be a member of the Columbia City Council, died when he was forty years old. He had been a Columbia City councilman for Ward 2.

According to information from several different places, Newman died on Tuesday evening. At 27, he was the youngest person to ever serve on a city council. He also worked for the solicitor’s office for the fifth circuit as a prosecutor. ((


The former municipal councilman was elected to serve for the first time in 2010. After being re-elected to a full council term in 2012, he would continue to hold the seat until the end of the term in 2015. ((

Newman was a well-known attorney in Atlanta and Columbia in addition to his service on the city council in both of those cities. His first job in the legal field was as an assistant prosecutor in the office of the 5th Circuit Solicitor.

His father, Clifton Newman, and his sister, Jocelyn Newman, both hold the position of circuit judge for the state courts. There had been no announcement made regarding funeral arrangements as of yet.

Brian DeQuincey Newman Net Worth

His Death

The report of the death was verified by Seth Rose. On Tuesday night, Seth Rose, a Democrat representing Columbia in the state legislature, was moved to tears after hearing the news of Newman’s passing.

Rose, an attorney and a former member of the Richland County Council, made her initial acquaintance with Newman while they were both students at the law school at the University of South Carolina.

According to Rose, he had a phone conversation with Newman at approximately 12:45 p.m. on Tuesday. “The abrupt and unexpected demise of my good friend Brian DeQuincey Newman has left me in a state of tremendous sadness.”

Rose stated. “We met each other while we were both attending law school. We were colleagues at the Solicitor’s Office for the 5th Circuit during our time there. While we were both serving in public office, we were even able to represent some of the same neighborhoods in different capacities.

“He was more to me than just a close friend and a respected attorney. He was also someone I looked up to professionally. I shall miss him because, at his core, he was a nice person.

Brian DeQuincey Newman Age and Family

Funeral Arrangements

(WIS) – COLUMBIA, S.C. The funeral plans for former Columbia Councilman Brian Newman have been made public. Leevy’s Funeral Home says that a memorial service will be held at West Columbia’s Brookland Baptist Church on January 9 at 11 a.m.

On Tuesday, January 3, Newman died. He was only 40 years old. There will also be a viewing at Brookland Baptist Church on Monday, January 9, from 10 to 11 a.m. (( Little is known about his biography and net worth, but we promise to update this page anytime soon.

No one has said where the internment will take place. In the world of lawyers, Newman was well-known. A lot of his friends told WIS that they still can’t believe what happened. One of Newman’s friends told WIS that he had just talked to him on the phone a few minutes before he died.

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