Cher Biography and Net Worth, Age, Family, Husband, Children, Marriage, Education, Ethnicity

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Cherilyn (Cher) Sarkisian is a world-renowned American singer, actress, and television personality.

Cherilyn Sarkisian, known professionally as Cher, is an American singer, actress, and television personality. She was born on in El Centro, California, but grew up in the Los Angeles area.

She has won numerous awards throughout her career, including an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award, and three Golden Globe Awards. Let’s read more about her below.

Cher Biography and Net Worth, Age, Family, Husband, Children, Marriage, Education, Ethnicity

Cher Biography

Cher was born on May 20, 1946, in El Centro, California, USA. (( She is a singer, actress, and television personality. She has been active in the entertainment industry since 1963 and continues to work today. She has released albums, singles, duets, videos, and movies, and performed in many concerts.

The American singer has been married two times, first to Sonny Bono from 1964 to 1975, and then to Gregg Allman from 1975 to 1979. She has two children, Chaz Bono and Elijah Blue Allman. Cher’s mother is Georgia Holt. She has won many awards during her musical career and is known for her performances in the pop, rock, folk, disco, and dance genres.

Cher has worked with many record labels such as Atco, Casablanca, Columbia, Geffen, Imperial, Kapp, MCA, Reprise, United Artists, and Warner. She used to perform with her former husband Sonny Bono in a duo called “Sonny & Cher”.

Early Life | Career

The American singer and actress was born to truck driver and gambling addict John Sarkisian and Georgia Holt. When she was young, her parents got a divorce, and her mother has been married more than once since then. Cher had a rough childhood, and when she was 16, she quit school to pursue a job in entertainment. ((

In 1962, singer and producer Sonny Bono gave Cherilyn Sarkisian her first big break. As “Sonny and Cher,” (( they started singing together, and their first hit, “Baby Don’t Go,” came out in 1964. Throughout the 1960s, they kept putting out hit songs like “I Got You Babe” and “The Beat Goes On.”

In addition to making songs, Sonny and Cher had their own TV show, “The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour,” which ran from 1971 to 1974. The show was a big hit, and it helped Cher’s business grow.

Solo Career | Acting

In the late 1960s, she started her solo career. Her first record, “All I Really Want to Do,” came out in 1965. Throughout the 1970s, she kept putting out popular albums like “Gypsys, Tramps, and Thieves” and “Half-Breed.”

In the 1980s, Cherilyn Sarkisian stopped singing and started acting. She acted in movies like “Silkwood” and “Moonstruck.” In 1988, she won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the movie “Moonstruck.” ((

Return to Music | TV Personality

In the 1990s, Cher got back into music and put out a number of popular albums, such as “Believe,” which had the hit song of the same name. “Believe” was a huge commercial hit. More than 10 million copies were sold all over the world.

Cher has also been a well-known face on TV, in addition to her music and acting roles. She has had her own talk show, “The Cher Show,” and has been on several reality TV shows, like “Dancing with the Stars” and “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

Personal Life | Activism

Cher has had two marriages. In 1964, she got married to Sonny Bono. The two of them had one child, Chaz Bono. In 1975, they split up. Cher married singer Gregg Allman for the second time in 1975.

Before getting a divorce in 1979, they had one child together. His name was Elijah Blue Allman. She has been romantically linked to several famous people, like Tom Cruise, Warren Beatty, and Val Kilmer, over the course of her work.

She has been a loud supporter of many causes, such as LGBT rights and HIV/AIDS awareness, in addition to her personal life. She has also been active in a number of political campaigns. For example, she is backing Joe Biden for president in 2020.

Legacy | Net Worth

Cher is known as one of the most important and recognizable figures in the world of entertainment. She is one of the best-selling music acts of all time because she has sold more than 100 million records around the world.

Cher has done well in the entertainment business, and her projected net worth is around $360 million. She has made a lot of money from her music, acting, and business activities, as well as from endorsements.

Cher Biography and Net Worth

In Conclusion

Cherilyn Sarkisian is an American singer, actress, and TV host who has done well in the entertainment business. She was born in El Centro, California, on May 20, 1946. In the 1960s, she became famous as one half of the team “Sonny and Cher.”

Cher has had successful careers in music, movies, and TV since then, and she has continued to make an impact on the entertainment business. She has won many awards, including an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award, and three Golden Globe Awards.

Cher has also been an outspoken supporter of many causes and worked on a number of charity projects during her career. Cher has become a pop culture icon because of her unique voice, bold dress choices, and big stage shows. She continues to inspire performers all over the world.

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