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Meet Chidiebere Onyia: The Current Secretary to the State Government of Enugu State

Professor Chidiebere Onyia, a renowned Nigerian academic and scholar, has made significant contributions to the fields of agriculture, education, and leadership. He was born in Enugu State, Nigeria, he has dedicated his career to driving change, promoting infrastructure development, and advocating for institutional reform.

This article delves into his early life, educational background, professional achievements, and his recent appointment by Peter Mbah, the governor of Enugu State, as the Secretary to the State Government.

Early Life and Education

Growing up in Eastern Nigeria, Professor Chidiebere Onyia received his early education in the region before pursuing a degree in Agriculture at the University of Nigeria Nsukka.

Building upon his passion for the agricultural sector, he obtained a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in Food Science and Technology from the University of Ibadan.

His educational journey equipped him with the necessary knowledge and skills to contribute meaningfully to the development of Nigeria’s agricultural landscape.

Chidiebere Onyia Biography, Net Worth, Family, Hometown, Wife, Children, Education, Profile, Background
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Career and Achievements

Professor Onyia’s illustrious career spans several prestigious institutions and international collaborations. He has held senior academic positions at renowned universities such as the University of Nigeria Nsukka, the University of Ibadan, and Imo State University.

Additionally, he has shared his expertise as a visiting scholar at institutions like the University of California, Davis, and Aberdeen University in Scotland. His contributions to the agricultural sector extend beyond academia.

Through his research, publications, and consultancy work, Professor Onyia has played a vital role in shaping agricultural policies and practices. With over 60 scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals and several authored and co-authored books on Food Science and Technology, his impact on the field is undeniable.

He has served as a consultant to esteemed organizations like the World Bank, the United Nations, and the Nigerian government, further amplifying his influence on the agricultural sector’s growth and development.

Recognition and Appointments

Professor Chidiebere Onyia’s accomplishments have garnered him numerous awards and accolades. In 2016, he received the National Productivity Order of Merit (NPOM) from the Nigerian government, recognizing his outstanding contributions to the agricultural sector.

The Nigerian Academy of Science also honored him with the Distinguished Nigerian Scientist Award in 2018, underscoring his remarkable achievements. In his recent appointment as the Secretary to the State Government of Enugu State, Professor Onyia’s expertise and leadership qualities shine through.

Prior to this appointment, he held the position of Managing Director for the United Kingdom Nigeria Infrastructure Facility and served as the Lead Strategy Advisor for the Federal Government of Nigeria and the World Bank Group Power Sector Recovery Programme.

His services to various international organizations and countries, including the United Nations, Germany, and Russia, attest to his global impact and recognition.

Personal Life: Wife and Children

While information about Professor Chidiebere Onyia’s personal life, including his wife and children, is not available in the provided search results, his professional achievements speak volumes about his dedication and passion for his work.

Net Worth

Though his net worth remains undisclosed, his contributions to the education sector, agricultural development, and leadership have garnered him international and national acclaim.

Professor Chidiebere Onyia

Chidiebere Onyia Biography and Net Worth

Real Nam: Professor Chidiebere Onyia
Age: 48 years old @2023
Date of Birth: January 12, 1975
State of Origin: Enugu State
Place of Birth: Enugu
Nationality: Nigerian
Occupation: Scholar | Professor
Education: bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences | master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction | Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Marital Status: Married
Net Worth: Under Rev.

In conclusion

Professor Chidiebere Onyia’s journey from his early life in Nigeria to his current appointment as the Secretary to the State Government of Enugu State exemplifies his commitment to driving positive change in his country.

With a profound impact on the agricultural sector, numerous accolades, and a wealth of experience, he continues to shape Nigeria’s future through his expertise, research, and strategic leadership.

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