Class and Class Season 2 Episode 6

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The trending YouTube series tagged, Class and Class are currently making their own waves in the teen movie industry. Season 2 Episode 6 is finally out for you to watch on YouTube or offline.

The Storybirds YouTube studio are currently making it out in the industry after the end of “best friends in the world” a YouTube series made by Neptune 3 Studios. Class and Class Season 2 Episode 6 has a lot of vibes in it that you can’t. wait to watch.

Class and Class Season 2 Episode 6

Class and Class Season 2 Episode 6

YouTube Handle: Storybirds Films
On Air Date: 05 February 2023
Watch Minutes: 69 Minutes

Meanwhile, Season 2 Episode 6 is all about the HECTRE 360 zonal mathematics competition where the school that wins is taking 2.5M, second winner is taking 1.5M while the third winner is taking 1M.

It’s also about Meg Uju’s senior sister and Duke’s elder brother, Jay, Uju’s aunt with her husband, Duke’s mother with her children quarrelling with them as usual. And finally, Ese, as her school presenter in the HECTRE 360 competition.

The competition comprises of private schools from Abaji, Gwagwalada, Katampe, Maitama, Wuse and Jahi. All these areas are located in Abuja and the school that became the winner was Jahi, and Ese helped them win the competition.

Watch Season 2 Episode 6 Below:


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