Constance Marten Biography and Net Worth, Age, Nationality, Family, Husband, Career

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Meet Constance Marten, who was declared missing with her boyfriend Mark Godon, An Ex-Convict and their Newly born child. Let’s discuss about her full biography and net worth below.

According to media reports, Constance Marten met Mark Gordon in 2016 while attending drama school in Essex. She left the school and moved in with Gordon.

Marten is the daughter of Napier Anthony Sturt Marten and comes from a wealthy landowner family with ties to the Royal Family.

Her father served as a former page to the late Queen Elizabeth II, and her grandmother was a playmate to Princess Margaret. Marten has two brothers named Maximilian Augustus Marten and Tobias Marten.

However, she cut ties with her family after getting involved with Gordon, who is a convicted sex offender and spent 14 years in prison.

Reports suggest that Marten and Gordon went missing with their newborn baby. Marten is 35 years old, 13 years younger than Gordon.

Constance Marten Biography and Net Worth, Age, Nationality, Family, Husband, Career

Constance Marten Biography

She is a 35-year-old British entrepreneur from Dorset, England. She was born on May 26, 1987. Constance attended St Mary’s Shaftesbury Constance Marten for her basic education and later went on to study at The University of Leeds where she successfully graduated.

Full Name | Religion

Constance Marten’s real name is Constance Dorothea Marten. She is a Christian and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. Additionally, she is also part of a royal family.

Children | Husband

Constance Marten and her boyfriend Mark Godon have a child together. However, in January, the couple and their newborn went missing.

As of February 28th, Constance and Mark have been found in Brighton, but their child’s location is still unknown. Constance and Mark have been in a romantic relationship since 2016 but did not get married.

Education Background

She is well-educated, having attended St Mary’s Shaftesbury for her basic studies and The University of Leeds for her graduation. She also went to East 15 drama school for higher studies. She then focused on her career. ((

Net Worth

Constance Marten’s profession is not publicly known, but her estimated net worth is $200,000. ((

Parents | Parents

Constance Marten’s parents are Napier Anthony Sturt Marten (her father) and Virginie Charlotte Camu (her mother). However, there is no further information available about them, aside from their names.

Constance Marten Biography and Net Worth


Constance Marten comes from a well-established family and is a follower of the Christian religion. She grew up in Dorset, England with her two brothers, William (Hazel) and Sam Rogers, as well as her siblings Jacqueline Perkins Brim and Thomas Dewey Martin.


How Old Is Constance Marten?

She is currently at the age of 36 years old this year, 2023. She was born on 26 May 1987.

What Is Constance Marten Nationality?

Constance is a British woman.

Who Is Constance Marten Husband?

She is yet to get married to her longtime boyfriend.

Who Is Constance Marten Boyfriend?

Constance is currently dating, Mark Godon.

Is Constance Marten Married?

No, she is not married.

How Rich Is Constance Marten?

She is worth more or less than, $200k.

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