Deacon Famous Biography, Net Worth, Age, Family, Parents, Wife, Education, Real Name, State, Tribe, Wikipedia

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Deacon Famous, whose real name is Udaya Awesome Chidiebere, is a well-known Nigerian comedian and skit maker. He initially gained recognition as a child actor before transitioning to comedy.

One noteworthy event in Deacon Famous’s career is his Comedy Special held in Asaba, Delta State on December 25, 2022. The show drew a large audience of comedy enthusiasts, showcasing his iconic performances.

In another instance, Deacon Famous supported his friend Ekene Umenwa during her wedding. He stood by her side when she kneeled to greet Moses Bliss and defended her against critics who disapproved of the gesture.

This incident sparked online drama, involving Reverend Father Kelvin Ugwu, Moses Bliss’s father. Deacon Famous is actively engaged in the digital space, maintaining a YouTube channel where he shares a variety of content, including comedy skits and other videos.

Additionally, he addressed controversies surrounding Ekene’s actions in a YouTube video, providing insights and sharing his perspective on the matter.

The comedian’s ability to navigate through both live performances and digital platforms underscores his versatility and prominence in the entertainment industry.

Deacon Famous Biography And Net Worth, Age, Family, Parents, WIfe, Education, Real Name, State, Tribe, Wikipedia

Wikipedia Profile and Background

Real Name:Udaya Awesome Chidiebere
Date of Birth:November 22, 1993
Age:30 years old (as of 2023)
State of Origin:Igbo-Eze North, Enugu State, Nigeria
Place of Birth:Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria
Marital Status:Single
Girlfriend:Ada Uli
Occupation:Media Personality
Content Creator
Net Worth:$300k
Education:National Open University of Nigeria (Criminology and Security Study)
Delta State University, Abraka (History and International Relations)
Wikipedia Profile and Background

Deacon Famous Biography

Deacon Famous rose to fame as a stand-up comedian, captivating audiences with his humor. Born Udaya Chidiebere Awesome on November 22, 1993, in Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria, he has become a respected figure in the entertainment industry.

Beyond his success in comedy, Deacon Famous is also known for his roles as an actor and filmmaker, earning acclaim and a global fan base. His comedic journey started early, and over the years, he has consistently delivered laughter to his ever-growing fan base.

With a unique sense of humor and versatile talent, Deacon Famous has left a lasting impact on the entertainment scene. His contributions as an actor and filmmaker have garnered critical acclaim, winning hearts worldwide.

Deacon Famous continues to make waves in the industry, showcasing his comedic prowess and making a significant mark as a multi-talented entertainer.

Education and Early Career

Deacon Famous embarked on his journey in the world of entertainment as a child actor. Later, he pursued Criminology and Security Study at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) and furthered his studies in History and International Relations at Delta State University, Abraka.

Renowned for his exceptional blend of humor, creativity, and storytelling passion, Deacon Famous has become a household name. His track record includes organizing and selling out numerous shows, where his witty humor and captivating stage presence left audiences in stitches.

Not just limited to comedy, he has made a significant impact as an actor and filmmaker in the entertainment industry. The year 2022 has been remarkable for Deacon Famous, marked by two highly successful mega shows.

The latest, titled ‘Deacon Famous Comedy Special,’ is set to take place at Cartege Cinema Event Hall in Asaba, Delta, on Christmas day. Deacon Famous’s journey from a child actor to a multifaceted entertainer is truly impressive, showcasing his dedication and talent in the world of entertainment.

How Old Is Deacon Famous? Age and Date of Birth

The content creator, Deacon Famous was born on November 22, 1993, in Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria. As of 2023, he is 30 years old.

Deacon Famous Biography And Net Worth, Age, Family, Parents, WIfe, Education, Real Name, State, Tribe, Wikipedia

Where Is Deacon Famous From? State of Origin

Deacon Famous, a renowned Nigerian stand-up comedian, filmmaker, and content creator, hails from the South-eastern part of Nigeria. Born in Asaba, Delta State, he considers Igbo-Eze North Local Government Area of Enugu State as his hometown.

Deacon Famous spent his formative years in Asaba, where he nurtured his talents, laying a solid foundation for his career.

His educational background includes a degree in Criminology and Security Study from the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) and another in History and International Relations from Delta State University, Abraka.

Deacon Famous Biography And Net Worth, Age, Family, Parents, WIfe, Education, Real Name, State, Tribe, Wikipedia

Is Deacon Famous Married?

Udaya Awesome Chidiebere, also known as Deacon Famous, is presently unmarried. He is, however, in a relationship with Ada Uli, a wonderful and supportive woman who frequently appears in his skits and movies.

Deacon Famous, a skilled comedian, actor, and filmmaker, has made a significant mark in the entertainment industry.


Udaya Chidiebere, professionally known as Deacon Famous, a popular Nigerian comedian, has encouraged Nigerian youths to pursue comedy as a career. The comedian went on to say that every hardworking comedian is reaping the benefits of their efforts in the industry.

In an interview with Weekend Beats, the comedian stated, “Comedy is a very lucrative business, but the amount you make depends on the amount of work you put in.” They are people who have built estates and mansions through comedy.”

Deacon Famous, who is well-known for his YouTube and Instagram comedy skits, has been in the industry for over a decade. He began as a child actor, took a break from acting to return to school, and then stormed the comedy industry.

“I started comedy from secondary school, I was entertaining my schoolmates during social gatherings in school and after secondary school, I took it as a job and I’ve been feeding with it,” he said. “I was the best and most influential comedian on campus, and I put on the biggest shows on campus,” he said.

Deacon Famous mentioned AY, Basketmouth, Bovi, Efe Warri Boy, Trevor Noah, Steve Harvey, and “a few local comedians across Nigeria” in a list of comedians who have inspired him throughout his journey. ((

Deacon Famous Biography And Net Worth, Age, Family, Parents, WIfe, Education, Real Name, State, Tribe, Wikipedia

Net Worth

The comedian is expected to worth over or below, $300k. He earns his money through stand-up comedies and content creations.

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