DMW (Davido Music Worldwide), one of Nigeria’s most successful record labels, has added two new artists to its roster as part of a brand-new identity emblem and the launch of its second constitution, DMW 2.0.

Davido Sign's Two More Talented Artist To DMW, Introduced New Logo

DMW New Artist

After over a decade of delivering exciting artists such as Mayorkun, Liya, Dremo, and Perruzzi, Yonda, Idowest, DJ Ecool, Danagog, B-Red, Deekay, Deinde, May D, and Ayanfe. [1] DMW has introduced Logos Olori and Morravey as the latest members of its label.


Morravey, a young singer-songwriter from Port Harcourt, has a unique flair for blending Afro sounds with her quintessential vocals. [2]

Logos Olori

Logos Olori, on the other hand, is a sensational Afrobeats vibe machine who draws his musical inspiration from his Southwestern roots. [2]

These talented artists are the industry’s latest revelations and are set to take the music scene by storm. Let’s read more information about the record label, DMW.

DMW New Logo 2.0

As part of the unveiling of DMW 2.0, the label has also updated its logo. The previous caricature of a young Davido sporting a king’s crown has been replaced with a more powerful and daring visual enhancement that reflects the label’s newfound attitude.

DMW New Logo

Fans of DMW and its new artists can look forward to Davido’s upcoming album ‘Timeless’, which is set for release on March 31, 2023. With its growing roster of talented artists and exciting new branding, DMW continues to be one of the most influential and successful record labels in Nigeria.

List of DMW Artist

  1. Davido
  2. Dremo
  3. Yonda
  4. Mayorkun
  5. Peruzzi
  6. Idowest
  7. DJ Ecool
  8. Danagog
  9. B-Red
  10. Deekay
  11. Deinde
  12. May D
  13. Ayanfe
  14. Liya
  15. Logos Olori
  16. Morravey
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