Don Design Biography and Net Worth, Age, Involved In AKA’s Death, Wikipedia

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Meet Don Design a popular South African Dj who was accused of being involved in the death of his friend, AKA. In case you missed it, AKA passed away on Friday, 15 February 2023. Let’s read his Wikipedia biodata below.

Don Design Biography

Don Design is a South African artist and DJ who is talented in various fields, including DJing, fashion design, music video production, and creative direction. He became friends with AKA when he helped him find a lost kit and later filmed behind-the-scenes footage for the rapper’s music videos.

Although some people on social media suspect him of involvement in AKA’s murder, others defend him, citing his close relationship with AKA. Don Design left law school to pursue music and previously worked for Real, a record company that sold house music records.

Don Design Biography and Net Worth

Date of Birth | Age

Don Design was born in the year 1986, his date of birth and month of birth remains private. He is currently at the age of 37 years old this year 2023. He will be 38 years old next year 2024.

His Involvement in AKA’s Death

On the night of February 15, 2023, a famous creative director and producer was present outside a restaurant in Durban, South Africa with a group of people when rapper AKA and his friend Tibz were killed in a shooting.

A CCTV footage of the incident leaked online, and some people started spreading conspiracy presumption about Don Design, based on his body language before the shooting. These presumptions were not supported by any evidence.

Don Design Biography and Net Worth, Age, Involved In AKA's Death

Don Design and AKA

According to Africa News Agency, Don Design and AKA have been friends since 2014. The Dj kept sending the rapper ideas for creative projects until AKA agreed to let him produce the music video for “Kontrol” featuring Da LES.

This song became one of the lead singles of AKA’s second album, “Levels,” which was released in 2014. The South African Dj creative work impressed AKA, and the two artists became close friends.

They went on to collaborate on critically acclaimed projects like AKA’s collaborations with Head Huncho, Don Design’s personal streetwear brand called “Relax,” and various music-related projects.

Don Design Biography and Net Worth

Net Worth

The 37 years old South African Dj, is expected to be worth more or less than, $400k in Dollar. Thank you for reading the full biography of Don Design. In case you missed it, we recently wrote about an upcoming Nigerian actor, Chibie Olusama.

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