Jagaban – Full Movie Ft. Selina Tested, Cast

Jagaban - Full Movie Ft. Selina Tested
(Last Updated On: March 12, 2023)

Jagaban is a YouTube video series, that is currently trending with the cast of Selina tested crew. The movie is full of action series and drama, the full and complete episode is made available here for you to download and enjoy.

The cast of the movie are, Aye Otto, Famous Patrick, Mc Prophet, Manuchim Praize Odogwu, Mimi Nessa, Maryland Nlerum, Wisdom Isiguzo, Gabriella Ogbonnaya, Gwill, Michael Abba, Sibi Steve, and DJ Key.

Jagaban - Episode 16
Baby Bullet and Aboy

Including, Prince Ren known as the Jagaban, Owino, Baby Bullet, Tracy, Lion Son, Doctor, OO1, Thunder, Don Dada, Nyansh Man, Smaller, Striker, Priest, and lots more. Some of the actors and actresses mentioned here are popularly known by their acting roles and names.

The Movie Jagaban Ft. Selina Tested, is all about two squad. The Opposite squad is fighting in revenge of what the other squad did to them in the past. Jaga’s mother, girlfriend, and unborn baby was killed by Aboy, and Landlord. While Jaga is out to take revenge with his own squad.

Download Jagaban Ft. Selina Tested - Episode 16
Jagaban and 001

Jagaban – Full Movie Ft. Selina Tested

Jaga was once a bad and terror student in his university, he committed a crime and ran away from his studies, Jagaban get into the street his hometown on a plan to repent from his rascal attitude, not until his Girlfriend (Tracy), mother and unborn baby was killed.

That was what made him to form back his crew from school and start a plan on how to take revenge. Atankpa, Baby Bullet, oo1, Don Dada, Owino, Thunder, Doctor, Lion Son, and lot’s more are among the Jagaban squad.

Below are the complete episodes, from episode 1, episode 2, episode 3, episode 4, episode 5, episode 6, episode 7, episode 8, episode 9, episode 10, episode 11, episode 12, episode 13, episode 14, episode 15 and episode 16 for you to download and watch and enjoy.

Download Episode 1

Download Episode 2

Download Episode 3

Download Episode 4

Download Episode 5

Download Episode 6

Download Episode 7

Download Episode 8

Download Episode 9

Download Episode 10

Download Episode 11

Download Episode 12

Download Episode 13

Download Episode 14

Download Episode 15

Download Episode 16

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