Edwin Chiloba Biography And Net Worth, Wikipedia, Age, LGBTQ, Activist, Hometown

Edwin Chiloba Biography And Net Worth, Wikipedia, Age, LGBTQ, Activist, Hometown
(Last Updated On: January 6, 2023)

Edwin Chiloba was found dead on Wednesday, and the police in Eldoret have since stated that they are currently investigating critical leads in order to determine who was responsible for Chiloba’s death.

Edwin Chiloba Biography And Net Worth, Wikipedia, Age, LGBTQ, Activist, Hometown

Edwin Chiloba Biography

Edwin Chiloba real name is Edwin Kiprotich Kiptoo, he was born in the town of Elgeyo Marakwet. His mother died when he was a young boy, and he also lost his father, who had been his main source of motivation, many years later. He was always sad about losing both of his parents.

We lack more information on his full biography and net worth, this are the few result of our findings and research. Let’s read more about his death and lot’s more.

Investigation on His Death

Peter Kimulwo, Uasin Gishu DCI DCIO officers followed leads that could lead to arrests. Police recognized the deceased’s home, but it’s unclear how he died.

Kimulwo said: “We’ll tie up some information, which may lead to arrests.” Chiloba’s body was recovered in a metal box near Kapsaret, Uasin Gishu. A Bodaboda rider saw an unidentified vehicle dump the metal box, police said.

The occurrence was communicated to the officials of the law who were guarding the nearby roadblock. Officers abandoned their post and dashed to the scene of the incident.

When the package was opened, a rotting body of a guy clothed in female clothing was discovered within. Chiloba, an Eldoret-based fashion designer, was eventually identified as the dead.

The body was brought to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital for a post-mortem to determine the cause of death before the investigation began. Chiloba was a well-known LGBTQ champion in the community.

Edwin Chiloba Biography

Death Story

The body of murdered LGBTQ activist Edwin Chiloba was found in the mortuary of the Moi Referral Hospital in Eldoret, and his family was able to definitely identify him there.

According to information obtained by The Star, the dead person’s given name was Edwin Kiprotich Kiptoo. He is known by the nickname Chiloba.

A postmortem examination of the deceased person’s body is currently taking place at the mortuary, where his sister Melvin Faith, along with other relatives, may be found.

Melvin also recounted her dying moments with Chiloba, whom they had met for new year’s celebrations at Tamasha’s residence in Eldoret. Melvin and Chiloba had spent the holiday together.

According to Melvin, who works at Tamasha, Chiloba showed up at 10 o’clock at night with a companion whom she was unfamiliar with.

Education And Early Career

After spending his formative years being moved around from relative to relative, Edwin Chiloba eventually enrolled in the Education program at Moi University West Campus after completing his childhood spent with various relatives.

It was then, among the many different school groups and chances for exposure, that he found the thing that brought him the most joy and that sparked a new passion for him: fashion.

The third year of his existence was when he started dressing himself, taking part in photoshoots and pageants, and behaving in a way that his family felt to be embarrassing in general.

Edwin Chiloba Biography And Net Worth

He Was And Expelled Student

After being expelled from the school, he went to Nairobi in order to pursue his dream of finding work in the fashion industry in that city. An individual with whom they shared a common acquaintance gave the invitation to join his modeling agency.

Soon after he began working on his drawings, he received his big break in the form of a message on Facebook from a white couple who raved over how much they enjoy his designs. This message was the beginning of his career as an artist.

After coming to the conclusion that he wanted to work in the fashion sector, he enrolled in a fashion school in order to prepare himself for the profession.

By acting as a gender-free and unconventional fashion designer, he subverted the conventional expectations that were placed on him. I ask God to grant him the peace that passes all understanding.

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