Empress Njamah Biography And Net Worth, Husband, Age, State, Religion, Nationality, Family, Parents

You are currently viewing Empress Njamah Biography And Net Worth, Husband, Age, State, Religion, Nationality, Family, Parents

Let’s read the full biography and net worth of Empress Njamah who is a nollywood actress from Nigeria. She was born by a Nigerian father and a Cameroonian mother in Lagos state, Nigeria.

Empress Njamah Biography And Net Worth, Husband, Age, State, Religion, Nationality, Family, Parents

Wikipedia Profile & Background

Real Name: Empress Njamah
Date of Birth: November 16, 1980
Age: 43 years old @ 2022
State of Origin: Ogun State, Nigeria
Place of Birth: Lagos State
Nationality: Nigerian-Cameroonian
Husband: Josh Wade (rumor)
Occupation: Actress – Entrepreneur
Net Worth: < $500k
Education: Olabisi Onabanjo University
Parents: Nigerian father and Cameroonian mother

Empress Njamah Biography

Empress Njamah was born to a Nigerian father and a Cameroonian mother on November 16th, 1980 in the Njaaba local government area of Imo state, Nigeria. Her father was from Nigeria, while her mother was from Cameroon.

She is a well-known actress and writer in Nigeria, as well as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Empress Njamah is an actress who hails from Nigeria. ((en.wikipedia.org))

Empress Njamah Biography And Net Worth, Husband, Age, State, Religion

How old Is Empress Njamah – Age

The nollywood actress might look younger but she is far older than the way you think. She was born in the month of November 16th, 1980. She is currently at the age of, 43 years old.

Where Is Empress Njamah From – State of Origin

Empress spent her childhood in the state of Imo alongside her brothers John and Aquila, both of whom would go on to have successful careers in the entertainment and media industries.

She is originally from Ogun State, Nigeria. She attended Olabisi Onabanjo University in Abeokuta, which is located in Ogun state, for her English studies.

Empress Njamah Biography And Net Worth, Husband

Parents – Father & Mother

Both of Njamah’s parents were born in Africa, in Nigeria and Cameroon respectively. Olabisi Onabanjo University in Ogun State is where she earned her degree in English language and literature.

Is Empress Njamah Married? – Husband

She used to date Timaya, but they broke up because the relationship was talked about on social media. She talked about her relationship status and said that she doesn’t mind being single because her family is smart and knows that there are more women than men.

She went on to say that celebrity marriages don’t last, so there’s no point in throwing money away on a wedding that won’t last.

She told The Punch that there are a lot of “baby mamas” in Nollywood and that most single actresses with children regret what they did but aren’t brave enough to say so in public. She is good friends with Ada Ameh, who works with her in the movie business.

Empress Njamah Biography And Net Worth, Husband, Age, State, Religion, Nationality, Family, Parents
Empress Njamah With Her Elder Brother


Empress has been involved in a number of controversies, the most notable of which is her on-going dispute with the musician Timaya, an artist with whom she was once romantically involved.

The famous musician has been quoted as saying that one of his greatest mistakes was getting involved in a romantic connection with the woman in question. The actress shot back, claiming that she was the one who felt the greatest sorrow about continuing the relationship.

After the actor allegedly pulled her car over, got her out of the vehicle, and beat her up, she once filed a lawsuit against him for assault. After some time, the case was dismissed from the court’s docket.

About Her Leaked Video From Her Fiance

A Liberian man named Josh Wade, who said he was actress Empress Njamah’s fiance, is said to have put out videos of her naked.

Empress made headlines on December 15, 2022, when a video of her showing off an engagement ring with a man in the background was posted on Instagram. Many people rushed to the comments section to congratulate her.

But on December 16, the 42-year-old said in an Instagram post that the engagement video was made under pressure and that he blackmailed her by threatening to leak her naked videos.

Empress Njamah Biography

His Conversation with Linda Ikeja

In a conversation on December 18 with blogger Linda Ikeji, Josh Jade denied blackmailing the actress by saying that he only asked her to return the money he had lent her.

During the interview, he said that Empress’s ex-lover was trying to blackmail her by saying he would release her sex videos if she didn’t pay him. Jade said that he was able to find the actress’s ex-boyfriend and get the videos from him.

Linda Ikeji, who runs a popular blog, said on Monday, January 2, 2023, that Wade made a WhatsApp group and started adding people to it. He then allegedly started posting naked videos of Empress that he took in her house, including innocent videos of her taking a bath.

On Monday, Jade also put out a new video of himself driving in a foreign country, in which he talked about his problems with Empress. He told Empress to stop telling false stories that he was going to leave Nigeria, because he had already left. Jade then said that he really misses her.

He told her, “I swear to God, I miss you so much. I do miss you, no joke. Really, I miss you a lot. I really miss you, no jokes about it. But please stop telling people I can’t travel.” ((withinnigeria.com))


After making her debut in 1995, Empress quickly rose to prominence in the film industry, appearing in a number of films including Red Hot, When Love Die, You Broke My Heart, You Broke My Heart 2, Love of My Life, The Pastor & Harlot, and She Devil. These films contributed to Empress’s rise to prominence.

She is best recognized for her profession as an actor, having established her reputation playing in the ’90s with excellent performances in movies such as Missing Angel (2004), Missing Angel 2 (2004), and Liberian Girl (2004). Her name has become best known for her career as an actress (2006).

Empress established the House of Empress Organization in 2006 as a component of her company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. The mission of the foundation is to provide assistance to children who have a variety of unique requirements.

2016 marked the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the foundation. The dark-skinned actress who has caused controversy in the past has been largely absent from the public eye in recent years, making headlines solely for her professional and charitable endeavors. ((manpower.com.ng))


At the Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2012, she competed against Terry Pheto for the role of best supporting actress, however she ultimately came up short.

Net Worth

She is expected to be worth more or less than, $600k.

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