Eva Omaghomi Biography, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Age, State, Family, Husband, Occupation, Children

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Eva Omaghomi grew up in Delta State, Nigeria, and is also a Christian pastor and trustee of the Big Kid Foundation, which fights youth unemployment and poverty in Nigeria. Eva currently works as the Director of Community Engagement for King Charles III and The Queen Consort.

She is known for her innovative approach to business, resilience, hard work, and dedication, and she serves as an inspiration to many young people who are starting their entrepreneurial journey. Let’s proceed with her early life and education below.

Early Life and Education

Eva Omaghomi is from Delta State, Nigeria, and grew up in a family that faced financial difficulties. ((labaranyau.com)) But despite the challenges, she was determined to get an education and worked hard to do well in school. She went to the University of Lagos and earned a degree in accounting.


Eva Omaghomi is a successful entrepreneur who started her career in the civil service and later worked for Prince Charles and Queen Camilla for 13 years, becoming their longest-serving black staff. ((kossyderrickent.com))

She also founded several businesses, including fast-food restaurants, real estate development, and consulting firms, which she has expanded to other African countries. She is a successful Nigerian entrepreneur, speaker, and author who has achieved great success in the business world. ((mayortunes.com))

Eva Omaghomi Biography, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Age, State, Family, Husband, Occupation, Children

Recognition and Awards

Eva Omaghomi is a successful businesswoman in Nigeria who has received many awards for her achievements. She was named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Women in Africa by Forbes Magazine in 2017 and received the African Women in Leadership Award in 2019.

Charitable Activities and Philanthropy

Eva Omaghomi is known for her philanthropy and helping children in need by providing education and healthcare services through her foundation.

She is a motivational speaker and author of books like “From Zero to Hero: The Eva Omaghomi Story” and “The Entrepreneurial Mindset: How to Succeed in Business.”

Husband | Children

Eva Omaghomi is a motivational speaker and author who encourages young people to pursue their aspirations. She is married with two children and has spoken at conferences and events across Africa.

In Conclusion

Eva Omaghomi is a successful and inspiring entrepreneur who has worked hard to achieve her dreams. Her story serves as a motivation for young people who want to succeed. Eva’s businesses, charitable works, and motivational speeches have a positive impact in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

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