Is Hajia4real Married? Hajia4real Biography, Net Worth, Husband, Boyfriend, Nationality, Family, Age, Real Name

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Hajia4real Biography

Mona Faiz Montrage, also known as Hajia4real or Mona 4Reall, is a Ghanaian socialite, model, musician, and businesswoman. She was born on June 26, 1992, in Tamale, Ghana. Mona, whose mother is Ghanaian, and father is Lebanese, has made a name for herself through her vibrant personality and stylish appearances on social media.

Family Background | Early Life

Mona Faiz Montrage was born and raised in Tamale, Ghana, alongside her siblings. Her mother is Ghanaian, while her father hails from Lebanon. She attended Tamale Elementary School before continuing her secondary studies at Labone Senior High School. Later, she pursued her passion for fashion and design by studying at the Art Institute of New York City.

Education | Early Career

Mona Faiz Montrage traveled to the United States after completing her secondary education to study fashion and design. Hajia4real attended the renowned Art Institute in New York City, where she developed her artistic abilities.

Mona’s passion for fashion and design started during her upbringing in Tamale, Ghana. Her decision to pursue education at the Art Institute in New York City laid the groundwork for her future success in the industry.

Is Hajia4real Married?

Hajia4real, or Mona Faiz Montrage, is engaged to Latif, a successful businessperson based in New York. They have a daughter named Naila. While her marital status is uncertain, there have been rumors about her potentially becoming the second wife of a wealthy Ghanaian figure called Alhaji.

Personal Life: Boyfriend and Children

Mona 4Reall’s personal life has been the subject of speculation and rumors. It has been rumored that her boyfriend is Kenpong, a Ghanaian businessman. However, the details of their relationship remain unconfirmed.

Mona has a daughter named Naila, and the father is believed to be a business mogul named Latif, who resides in New York. There have also been rumors about Latif dating Mona’s best friend, Nadia.

Hajia4real Biography, Net Worth, Husband, Boyfriend, Nationality, Family, Age, Real Name

Net Worth

Mona 4Reall’s net worth is currently unknown. However, she has established herself as a successful entrepreneur with ventures in the cosmetics industry. Hajia4real is the founder of 4Real Beauty Cosmetics Line, a women’s cosmetics brand.

Additionally, she owns LVC Entertainment, an event and entertainment solutions company based in New York. Through her business endeavors and brand partnerships, Mona has undoubtedly amassed considerable wealth.

Full Career

Mona gained popularity through her active presence on social media, where she shared her fashionable looks and extravagant lifestyle. Hajia4real appeared in music videos for well-known Ghanaian artists, showcasing her vibrant personality.

Musical Breakthrough

In 2020, Mona launched her music career with the release of her debut single, “Badder Than.” This unique song introduced her as a musician with her own style. She continued to release more music, collaborating with artists like Shatta Wale.

Self-Titled Debut EP

Mona released her self-titled debut EP in 2021, featuring collaborations with notable Ghanaian artists. The EP earned her nominations at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, recognizing her contributions to the local music industry.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Aside from her music career, Mona established 4Real Beauty Cosmetics Line, offering a range of women’s cosmetics. She also founded LVC Entertainment, specializing in event planning, multimedia creation, and talent management.

Success and Impact

Through her vibrant personality, fashion brand, and entertainment ventures, Mona has garnered a significant following and established herself as a successful businesswoman. Her commitment to quality products and support for emerging talents has made a lasting impact.


Hajia4Real, also known as Mona Faiz Montrage, is facing serious legal consequences for her alleged involvement in romance scams and money laundering. She has been indicted on multiple counts and has been arrested and extradited to the United States.

According to the charges, Montrage was part of a criminal enterprise from West Africa that targeted vulnerable individuals in the United States with romance scams. The victims were deceived into sending money to bank accounts controlled by the criminals.

Hajia4Real, being a well-known Ghanaian figure and Instagram influencer, received funds from victims who fell for the scams. The charges against her include wire fraud, money laundering, and receipt of stolen money, carrying significant prison sentences if she is convicted.

The FBI led the investigation with the help of other law enforcement agencies, and the case is being prosecuted by the Office’s Complex Frauds and Cybercrime Unit. Please remember that these are only accusations, and Montrage is presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

In conclusion

Mona 4Reall, also known as Hajia4real, is a Ghanaian socialite, model, musician, and businesswoman who has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry.

Her journey from Tamale, Ghana, to New York City has been marked by her dedication to fashion, cosmetics, music, and entrepreneurship.

With her vibrant personality, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to excellence, Mona continues to inspire and empower others with her achievements and endeavors.

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