Halima Abubakar Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Family, Marital Status, Education, Occupation

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In 2001, Halima Abubakar made her acting debut in the film Rejected, in which she had a supporting part. Her breakout performance came in the film Gangster Paradise.

In addition to that, she is the Chief Executive Officer of Modehouse Entertainment, which is both a record label and an entertainment management firm. Let’s read her full biography and net worth below.

Wikipedia Profile & Background

Real Name: Halima Abubakar
Date of Birth: June 12th, 1985
Age: 38 years old @ 2023
State of Origin: Kogi State, Nigeria
Place of Birth: Kabo State
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Undisclosed
Occupation: Actress – CEO of Modehouse Entertainment
Net Worth: < $1 million
Education: Bayero University, Kano (Sociology)
Current Residence: Lagos State, Nigeria

Halima Abubakar Biography

Halima Abubakar is a Nigerian actress who was born on the twelfth day of June nineteen eighty-five. She was awarded the Afro Hollywood Best Actress trophy in the year 2011. She is currently at age of thirty-eight years old.

Halima Abubakar Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Family, Marital Status, Education, Occupation

Education Background

She received her elementary education at the Ideal school in Kano, and later went on to study Sociology at Bayero University in Kano.

In October of 2018, Halima Abubakar has once disclosed that she has not yet had any s3xu@l encounter before, that she is still a virgin.

State of Origin – Place of Birth

Halima was born in Kano State, Nigeria but she is originally from Kogi State, Nigeria. The Nigerian actress currently lives in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Age – Date of Birth

The CEO of Modehouse Entertainment was born on the 12th day of June 1985 in Kogi State, Nigeria. She is currently at the age of38 years old. ((wikipedia))

Halima Abubakar Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Family


In the year 2001, Halima entered the Nigerian film business, often known as Nollywood, and started going to auditions for movies. Her debut film was a film with the title Rejected, in which she had a supporting role.

Her breakout role as the protagonist in the successful Nollywood film Gangster Paradise is mostly credited with catapulting her to stardom.

Since then, she has been a part of more than 150 movies produced in the Nigerian film industry, some of which are Slip of Fate, Tears of a Child, Secret Shadows, Gangster Paradise, Area Mama, Men in Love, Okafor’s Law, Men in Love, Return of White Hunters, Dangerous Ivy, and Entrapped.

In the film Mistresses, Halima made her first appearance in the role of executive producer. In the film in question, she also had a role, and she played it opposite Yvonne Nelson.

At the moment, Halima serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Modehouse Entertainment, which is both a record label and an entertainment management organization.

In addition to this, she runs a charitable organization called the “Halima Abubakar Foundation for the Poor,” which helps those who are unable to afford meals. At the moment, she serves as the young ambassador for the state of Kogi.

Halima Abubakar Biography and Net Worth

Few Facts About Halima Abubakar

The Nollywood actress disclosed in the past to Vanguard that she had had a romantic relationship with another member of the industry. However, she did not reveal the identity of the individual who was selected.

She finds nothing or no one to be a source of inspiration other than prayer. Halima enjoys sleeping a lot, does not smoke, and does not go out to clubs. Depression is something that Halima overcame in her life. The actress claims that she suffered from depression for around seven months at one point in her life.

She disclosed in April 2018 that in 2017, she had been confined to bed numerous times as a result of difficulties that arose after a fibroid operation that had been performed in India, and that in March 2018, she had been in a coma for three days. According to her, her family believed she had passed away, but God showed there to save the day.

In the year 2022, Halima reveals the alleged affair she had with Apostle Suleman, as well as an illness she has been suffering since the encounter took place.

Gist Lover, an anonymous blog page, had been the source of the release of information on Apostle Suleman’s romance with the actress and how she had lied about being pregnant while in reality she was suffering a sickness that caused her tummy to bulge.

Controversies With Apostle Suleiman

Apostle Suleman Johnson, the founder of Omega Fire Ministries International, and Halima Abubakar, a former actress in Nollywood, have been embroiled in a scandal that has recently taken a new turn due to the fact that Apostle Suleman Johnson has legally brought the case to court.

Ms. Abubakar was taken before Justice J. Enobie Obanor of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory in Abuja Judicial Division by the preacher through his legal agents, Ephesus Lex Attorneys & Solicitors.

Apostle Johnson Suleman initiated legal action against her in October 2022, alleging that she had committed slander.

The legal proceeding will get under way on the 25th of March. In the year 2022, the Apostle initiated legal action against the actress by submitting a writ that requested many reliefs against her.

It was the first time he would publicly comment to the issue since it initially came to light in July 2022, when Gistlover published a post in which she linked her claimed affair with the Apostle to the fibroid surgery that she had undergone.

The siblings of the actress contacted the apostle over Instagram and requested him to keep his distance from their sister. The Apostle was looking for a number of things, one of which was a statement that her book was libelous.

Additionally, he insisted that she provide an unqualified apology in addition to additional monetary compensation for the losses she caused. It had been less than twenty-four hours since she had done a live session on Instagram to talk about her connection with Apostle Suleman.

On Friday, the actress appeared to have been aware of the pending legal action, as she made many attempts to engage in a live Instagram session with the infamous faceless blogger Gistlover.

The connection was bad, which the nameless blogger blamed on Apostle Suleman’s ‘spiritual’ intervention, yet the session did not go as planned because of this. ((premiumtimesng))


  • Slip of Fate
  • Tears of a Child
  • Secret Shadows
  • Gangster Paradise
  • Area Mama
  • Men in Love (film)
  • Love Castle

Net Worth

She is expected to be worth more or less than, $1 million. She earns her money through acting and modelling for products and organizations.

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