Meet Purple Speedy’s sister, who is popular known as I Am Tiwa or Lovie on tiktok. Her real name is Love Pever. She is widely known as a brand influencer, dancer and content creator on various social media.

Lovie TikTok Biography

Meet Tiwa TikTok, a 20-year-old Nigerian dancer and influencer from Benue State who currently lives in Lagos. Tiwa has gained popularity on TikTok under the username “Iam Tiwa” with her impressive dance moves and fun personality.

She has three sisters, Peace (aka Purple Speedy), Glory, and Faith Pever, and her parents are Mr. Terhile Pever Anpee and Mrs. Ishughun Pever. I Am Tiwa is not currently in a relationship. Tiwa is 5ft 8in tall and weighs 60kg. She has a net worth of $30,000.

I Am Tiwa, Lovie TikTok Biography and Net Worth, Age, Sister, Parents, Tribe, State, Education, Education

Age | Date of Birth

She was born on 25 November 2003, and she is currently at the age of 20 years old, she will be 21 years old this year, on 25 November 2023.

State of Origin | Tribe

She was born in Makurdi, Benue State, but currently living in Lagos State, Nigeria. She is originally from Gboko, Benue State. She is from the Tiv tribe ancestry.

I Am Tiwa, Lovie TikTok Biography and Net Worth, Age, Sister, Parents, Tribe, State

I Am Tiwa (Lovie) Sister?

I Am Tiwa TikTok and Purple Speedy are biological sisters. Love Pever is the immediate younger sister of Purple Speedy, who is five years older than her. They have a striking resemblance, which led many fans to wonder if they were related.

I Am Tiwa, Lovie TikTok Biography


Love Pever has been creating content with her sister and crew since 2022. With the support of her sister and crew, she has built a fan base of almost a million followers on TikTok and 100k on Instagram.

Although Love Pever looks similar to her sister Purple Speedy, she is taller and looks younger than her elder sister. Both sisters are professional dancers and currently students at Nasarawa State University Keffi, where they are yet to start pursuing their full-time careers.

I Am Tiwa, Lovie TikTok Biography and Net Worth, Age

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I Am Tiwa, Lovie TikTok Biography and Net Worth


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