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Ice Prince, the renowned Nigerian rapper, has returned to the music scene with his captivating track “Holding On” as part of his newly released EP, “To be Continued.”

This impressive song showcases Ice Prince’s talent and skill, and its lyrics are sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners. If you’re searching for a new and exciting addition to your music collection, “Holding On” is definitely worth a listen!

Ice Prince – Holding On Lyrics

Holding On Lyrics by Ice Prince

You’re the reason I can’t give it up
You’re the reason I can’t give it up

I woke up to a hard (?)
The hard way make a nigga wanna vibrate
I gotta say RIP Rico Swavey
(?) cannot change the heartbreak
I woke up to a quick fix
Court dates
Baby girl I can’t miss this
The magistrate is deep with linguistics
If she judge you, you must be in deep shit

Better watch your back when you grow up in the streets
Cause life is not sweet, rose from a concrete
Forget about the pain
I was hiding underneath
When they was looking for some pussy I was looking for a beat

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