Ijoba Lande, a popular Nigerian social media comedian whose real name is Ganiyu Kehinde Morufu, has been reported missing by his family. His wife shared a video on his Instagram page announcing that he was missing. [1]

The news of his disappearance has been shared on social media, and his fans and colleagues are asking for help in finding him. He became famous after one of his videos went viral in 2019, and he has since shared many comedy skits on his Instagram page.

Ijoba Lande Biography and Net Worth, Age, Family, Parents, Religion, Missing, Wife, Children, Comedian

He creates funny videos on his Instagram page and works as a brand ambassador, motivational speaker, and content creator. He is famous for his catchphrase “Otisumi” and slang “Shotiyee” and often appears shirtless in his videos.

Ijoba Lande also has a YouTube channel with over 373k subscribers called “Otisumi TV” and is a musician who has released songs like “Otisumi” featuring Samboy, Mokan Fagbo, and “Hello DPO.”

Ijoba Lande Biography

Ijoba Lande is a popular Nigerian comedian, motivational speaker, filmmaker, and actor with a large following on Instagram and TikTok. He is also known as Ganiyu Kehinde and mostly uses Yoruba language in his content. [2]

He has about 82.5K followers on Instagram and was born in the southwestern part of Nigeria, he is of the Yoruba tribe. Ijoba Lande made his debut in Nollywood in 2019 with a Yoruba-language movie also titled “Ijoba Lande.” The movie featured prominent actors and actresses in the industry.

State of Origin | Religion

The Nigerian comedian was born in Lagos State, Nigeria to a Muslim family. His state of origin remains undisclosed. Thank you for reading his full biography and net worth.

Ijoba Lande Biography and Net Worth, Age, Family, Parents, Religion, Missing

Net Worth

He is worth more or less than, $50,000. Ijoba earns income through various means such as brand endorsements, sponsored posts, online shows, and music streaming revenue.

Additionally, he may also generate revenue from merchandise sales, appearances, and other related ventures. It is worth noting that the estimated net worth of individuals is subject to change and may not always be accurate.

Wife | Children

He recently welcomed a baby boy with his fiancĂ©e in November 2022. [3] There isn’t much information available about his personal life beyond that.

Ijoba Lande is a Nigerian social media comedian and musician who has released songs like “Otisumi” featuring Samboy, Mokan Fagbo, and Hello DPO. [4]

Ijoba Lande Biography and Net Worth


Ijoba Lande’s wife has shared a video on her husband’s Instagram page to inform everyone that he is missing.

She said that he left home on Sunday night without his phone and hasn’t come back since then. In simple terms, he is currently lost, and his family is seeking help to find him.

His Return

Ijoba Lande, a Nigerian comedian, has clarified that he was not kidnapped but left his home intentionally due to spiritual attacks. He explained that several prophecies had predicted his financial downfall and loss of property.

He also dismissed rumors that he messaged people to beg for money and that he is responsible for five children. Instead, he revealed that he messaged only one person who had offered him a job and money in the past, but he refused.

Ijoba Lande thanked his colleagues and followers for their support during his absence and acknowledged that depression is a real issue. He emphasized that he left his home on his own accord and was not kidnapped.

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