Ini Edo Biography and Net Worth, Husband, Children, State, Tribe, Marriage, Cars, House

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On April 19, 1982, Iniobong Edo Ekim, better known by her stage name as Ini Edo, was born in the city Calabar, which is situated in the state of Cross River in Nigeria.

Her parent’s names are Iniobong Edo Ekim and Edo Kim, she is one of the most famous actresses in Nigeria. Let’s read her full Wikipedia biodata, biography and net worth below.

Wikipedia Profile | Biodata

Real Name: Iniobong Edo Ekim
Date Of Birth: 23 April 1982
Age: 41 years old @ 2023
State of Origin: Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Husband: Philip Ehiagwina (Divorced) ((
Occupation: Actress
Net Worth: Under Est.
Place of Birth: Calabar, Cross River State
Parents: Iniobong Edo Ekim | Edo Kim
Tribe: Ibibio

Ini Edo participated in the Miss Black Africa UK Pageant as a judge in 2013 and has volunteered for various charity organizations. In recognition of her charitable efforts, the United Nations appointed her as the United Nations Habitat Youth Envoy.

Ini Edo Biography and Net Worth, Husband, Children, State, Tribe, Marriage, Cars, House

Ini Edo Biography

Ini Edo is an actress from Nigeria who comes from the Onna Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom state. She has two younger siblings and an elder cousin she considers as a sister. Her sister works at a brewery in Ota, Ogun state.

Ini Edo is one of the most beautiful and successful actresses in Nollywood, the most prosperous film industry in Africa. She has acted in romantic, dismal, and action thriller films, which have gained her recognition. Besides acting, she is also a great cook.

Education Background

Ini Edo has a certificate in dramatic arts from the University of Uyo and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English language and literature from the University of Calabar. She is also a model and brand ambassador for the skincare company “Beauty Secrets of April”.

Age | Date of Birth

She is currently at the age of 41 years old at the year of publishing this article. She was born on 23 April 1982. She will be 42 years old this coming year 2024.

Ini Edo Biography and Net Worth, Husband, Children

Family | Parents

Ini Edo grew up in a home where her mother worked in education and her father was an elder in their local church. Her parents were strict and religious, which helped shape her into the kind and wonderful person she is today.

Ini Edo was a bit of a rebel when she was younger, despite her parents keeping a close eye on her to make sure she didn’t go down the wrong path.

Ini Edo Tribe

Is Ini Edo Igbo? Ini Edo is from the Onna Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom state and belongs to the Ibibio tribe, although some people mistakenly thought she was Igbo.

State of Origin | Birthplace

Ini Edo is an Ibibio from Onna Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom state. She was born in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria.

Marriage | Husband

Ini Edo got married to Phillip Ehiagwina, a Nigerian-American businessman, in Nigeria in November 2008, in a religious ceremony. ((

They repeated the ceremony in Houston, Texas, where Phillip currently lives, in February 2009. However, the marriage ended in divorce in 2014 after six years, with Ini citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason and denying cheating on her husband.


Ini Edo had a daughter through surrogacy and mentioned that using a donor had given her and her unborn child a better sense of calm.

She also revealed that she has frozen a considerable number of eggs for future use in case she ever decides to use another surrogate or carry her child herself.


Ini Edo was accused of being involved with Phillip Ehiagwina, who was previously married to Ruth Okoro. There were rumors that Ini snatched Phillip away from his former wife, but this was never confirmed.

Ini also denied allegations that her child’s father is a married man named Kome. However, she has yet to share any photos of her newborn child, which has fueled speculation and rumors.

Ini Edo House

Ini is the proud owner of a luxurious home in Lekki, Lagos, worth 70 million Naira. She enjoys clubbing and owns many expensive cars.

Net Worth

Ini Edo’s net worth is difficult to determine, but she is considered one of the richest actresses in Nigeria. She earns a high income and has various business ventures, such as Mimz Lounge in Lekki, Lagos.

Although she had some unsuccessful business ventures, such as a shoe line and a bakery, she remains a successful entrepreneur.

Ini Edo is a successful Nigerian actress with many accolades to her name, including awards such as Best Actress Leading Role (Yoruba) at the 2009 Best of Nollywood Awards and Best Actress Indigenous at the Zulu African Film Academy Awards.

Ini Edo Career

Ini Edo started acting in her school and participated in a strike at her school when a friend persuaded her to attend an audition.

She was selected to feature in the movie “Child of Destiny” where she played the role she had always wanted.

Her breakout performance came in the movie “World Apart” (2004), and she has been moving forward ever since.

Ini Edo Biography

Endorsements | Entrepreneurship

Ini Edo has signed endorsement deals with several brands like Noble Hair, Slim Tea, and GLO. She was a brand ambassador for GLO for ten years.

She also became a spokeswoman for Chivita, a popular juice brand, and has signed several other endorsement deals.

In addition to her acting career, Ini Edo ventured into movie production as an executive producer in the film “Memories of my Heart.”

UN Ambassador

In 2011, Ini Edo, Ramsey Nouah, and Vikram Vinod were appointed as young ambassadors for the United Nations Habitat Youth Envoys.

They were expected to assist the organization in its efforts to improve the lives of young people all around the world.

In 2014, Ini Edo was recognized by the United Nations and appointed as the United Nations Habitat Youth Envoy.

Political Appointment

In 2016, Ini Edo was appointed as a Special Assistant to the Governor of Akwa Ibom State on Culture and Tourism. She has held this position since then.

Success | Achievements

Ini Edo has received several nominations and awards for her acting career. She has featured in over 200 movies and is considered one of the most accomplished actresses in the Nollywood film industry.

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