Is Drake A Nigerian? Drake Revealed on Social Media that His Father Is Nigerian

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Drake Discovers Nigerian Roots Through DNA Test: Celebrates with Fans on social media

Drake, the chart-topping rapper and songwriter, recently shared exciting news with his fans on social media. He took a DNA test and discovered that he is 30% Nigerian, thanks to his father’s Nigerian ancestry.

The “God’s Plan” singer, whose real name is Aubrey Drake Graham, shared a screenshot of his DNA heritage report on his Instagram stories, revealing the fascinating results to his followers. Drake appeared thrilled by the revelation, as he posted the photo with the caption “My DNA results came back 100% that I’m a Nigerian, I had no idea.”

Is Drake A Nigerian?

Drake is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor. He found out through a DNA test that he has Nigerian roots, even though he was not born in Nigeria. The test was taken by his father and showed that Drake is 30% Nigerian. He is happy about this discovery and has even made jokes about being able to claim Nigerian culture as his own.

Drake Revealed on Social Media that His Father Is Nigerian

Drake’s Nigerian Heritage | Ethnicity

According to the test results, Drake’s Nigerian heritage is more significant than any other race or tribe in the world. Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, allegedly texted him a screenshot of the results, leading to the revelation of his Nigerian roots.

Drake shared his joy with his fans on social media, jokingly asking if he can now finally call himself a Nigerian guy. The announcement caused a buzz on social media, with fans congratulating the rapper on his newfound heritage.

This is not the first time Drake has acknowledged his African roots. In the past, the rapper has referenced his African heritage in his music and public statements. He has also been vocal about his love for Nigerian music and culture, working with Nigerian musicians and featuring them in his songs.

In conclusion

The revelation of Drake’s Nigerian ancestry is a moment of pride and celebration for fans of the artist worldwide. The DNA test results have provided insight into the rapper’s heritage, inspiring many to embrace their roots and explore their family history.

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