Itisbobby is a Nigerian video creator, Instagram and TikTok influencer, who has gained popularity for his queer-related content. He gained online fame after a viral video of him dancing in a “womanly” manner in his school uniform.

Itisbobby Biography

Itisbobby who is also known as Bobby Caplord, The Caplord or Itisbobby 2 is a 22-years-old Nigerian content creator, from Abuja, Nigeria. He has been using his social media pages to highlight and reflect the everyday reality of LGBTIQ+ people in Nigeria.

Itisbobby Biography and Net Worth, Age, State, Tribe, Religion, Education, The Caplord, Bobby Caplord

Bobby Caplord creates content that shows him dancing in public spaces, acting as queer or telling impactful stories laced with queerness. In one of his videos, he highlighted the dangers of being bisexual and maintaining a secret relationship with multiple partners.

Itisbobby is on a mission to make a mark for himself in a society where queer folks are often condemned and persecuted for looking and being different. Despite negative feedback, he remains committed to creating queer-related content.

Itisbobby Biography and Net Worth, Age, State, Tribe, Religion, Education

He believes that as long as he is not committing any crime or breaking any law, he can continue doing what he loves. Itisbobby’s content is a breath of fresh air for queer Nigerians who want to see their realities highlighted in the media.

In a country where much of the content shared online is either homophobic or promotes heterosexuality as the only valid sexual orientation, his content is both entertaining and impactful. It has layers of messages that queer people can relate to and unravel.

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