Jackson Rohm Biography and Net Worth, Age, Wife, Family, Children, Nationality

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The singer passed away on January 25, 2023, a family member of Jackson Rohm announced the sad news on his Facebook page. Let’s read more about his full biography and bet worth below.

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Wikipedia Profile & Biodata

Real Name: Jackson Rohm
Date of Birth: 1970
Age: 52 years old @ 2022
State of Origin:  New York, United States
Place of Birth: Jamestown, New York
Nationality: American
Wife: Theresa Rohm
Son: Asher
Occupation: Singer
Net Worth: < $1 million
Record Label: Uptown Records
Education:  University of Virginia
Parents: Unknown

Jackson Rohm Biography

Jackson Rohm was an American musician known for blending country and pop styles; he passed away on January 25, 2023. He was born in Jamestown, New York and resided in both San Francisco, California and Rosemary Beach, Florida throughout his life.

Jackson Rohm Biography and Net Worth, Age, Wife, Family, Children, Nationality

Education Background

The American singer, Jackson Rohm went to Southwestern High School in New York and graduated in 1989. He thought about going to Cornell or the University of Virginia but chose to go to Miami University because he got a scholarship for track. He was also part of a group called Alpha Delta Phi while he was a student there.

Age – Date of Birth

He was born in the year, 1970 in Jamestown in New York city. He passed away at the age of 52 years old this year 2023.

Nationality – Place of Birth

John grew up in two places, Rosemary Beach in Florida and San Francisco in California. He was born in Jamestown, New York. Jamestown is a city located in the state of New York, in the United States. It is situated in the southwestern part of the state, near the Pennsylvania border.


John passed away and his family is very sad. The people in the community where John lived and worked as an artist, Rosemary Beach, also feel sad about his death. ((surprisesports.com))

Wife – Children

On October 3, 2016, the couple had a baby boy, who is now 6 years old. The singer is married and has a child, his wife’s name is Theresa Rohm and his 6-year-old son Asher.

Jackson Rohm Biography and Net Worth, Age, Wife

Early Career

Rohm made a CD called “Twisted & Misguided” in 2000, and another one called “Sink or Swim” in 2001 that has a different sound. In 2003, he made another CD called “Red Light Fever” that has a cover of a song called “Joey.”

In 2006, he made another CD called “Four on the Floor” that was dedicated to a musician who passed away. In 2008, he made another CD called “Long Way from Moving On” that was different from his earlier ones and was more country music.

He played with other musicians like Edwin McCain and Sister Hazel. In 2010, he made an album called “Acoustic Sessions” that had some of his old songs in a different way and also five new songs.

After that, he made a new album called “Blindsided” in Atlanta, Georgia with a producer named Aaron Thompson. The album has songs like “Blue Skies and Butterflies” and “Superglue” and also a song called “Blindsided” which was written for his wife whom he married that year.

Jackson Rohm Net Worth

He is expected to be worth more or less than, $1 million US dollars.


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