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Meet Jake Epelle, who is an activist who works to protect human rights. He serves on different committees for the United Nations (UN) and the African Union. Let’s read his full Wikipedia biodata and net worth below.

Jake Epelle Biography

Jake Epelle is a Nigerian human rights activist born on May 5, 1961, who is currently 61 years old. He is an expert in policy development and advocacy and is based in Abuja, Nigeria.

His work focuses on empowering people with albinism and educating society about albinism-related issues in Nigeria and around the world. He has a net worth estimated to be between $1 million to $3 million.

Family | Parents

Jake Epelle grew up in a polygamous family. He didn’t know that he had albinism when he was a child, and he was teased and bullied by family members, friends, and classmates. However, his father and stepmother loved and cared for him, giving him comfort and support during those tough times.

Wikipedia: Jake Epelle Biography and Net Worth, Age, Family, Nationality, Foundation

Who Is Jake Epelle

Jake Epelle is a human rights activist who lives in Abuja, Nigeria. He is an expert in policy development and advocacy. He is also the founder of an organization that works to empower people with albinism and educate society on albinism-related issues in Nigeria and around the world.

Mr. Epelle is confident that Nigerians with albinism are making progress in overcoming long-standing social stigmas and inequalities, thanks to the advocacy efforts of the United Nations and his organization.

Education Background

During his school years, Jake Epelle attended public schools and faced difficulties in seeing the blackboard. He had to go near the board despite being teased, called names, insulted, and sometimes even physically assaulted by both teachers and students.

His Albinism

Epelle was not aware that he was born with albinism and did not know about the harmful effects of the sun on people with albinism. He played and worked outside in the sun without taking any precautions, which led to sunburns, freckles, and early signs of skin cancer.

During his teenage years, Jake Epelle experienced both good and bad moments in life. Despite facing many difficulties, he remained determined to succeed in all his endeavors.


After The Albino Foundation began operations on May 5th, 2006, he felt a strong urge to correct the negative impacts of discrimination and stigmatization. He wanted to confront the abuse and disrespect he had witnessed as a person with albinism and ensure that no one with albinism would have to experience the same treatment in his lifetime.

With little education, a below-average income, and no experience in the social sector, he launched the foundation with a vision of a society with equal opportunities for people with albinism. He received support from sympathetic family and friends to achieve his mission.

He identified five areas of challenges faced by people with albinism: negative social issues, lack of healthcare for skin cancer and visual impairment, lack of quality education and accommodation of their needs, the need for economic empowerment through entrepreneurial and skill development, and the need for policies and parliamentary bills to protect their rights.

After nine years of hard work and commitment, he can confidently say that the present and future generations of people with albinism will never be the same again. The foundation has driven attitudinal change, focused policy, and mainstreamed albinism into various government programs and projects.

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