Joeboy Biography and Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend, Parents, State, Tribe, Record Label, House, Cars

Joeboy Biography and Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend, Parents, State, Tribe, Record Label, House, Cars

Joeboy is a rising star in the Nigerian music industry. He is known for his R&B and Afro-pop music. He has put out a few hit songs and an EP. His first album did okay in the music industry.


He has also been nominated for and won a number of awards, which shows how talented and dedicated he is to his work. Even though his music has been in issue with the law, [1] Joeboy is still making a name for himself in the music industry.

Joeboy Biography and Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend, Parents, State, Tribe, Record Label, House, Cars

Joeboy Biography

Joseph Akinwale Akinfenwa, who goes by the stage name Joeboy, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter who was born in Lagos State, Nigeria, on May 21, 1997. He is 25 years old. Joeboy is a rising star in Nigeria’s music industry. His Afro-pop and R&B style is well-known. In 2017, Mr. Eazi of the record label emPawa Africa found him.


Joeboy’s hit song “FĂ Ă j” came out on October 26, 2018, and he made a music video for it with the help of a grant from emPawa100. In 2019, he came out with the hit song “Baby,” which has been played more than 20 million times on YouTube and Spotify.


Joeboy Biography and Net Worth

Over 31 million people have watched the music video for “Baby” on YouTube. Joeboy also put out the song “Beginning” in August 2019, which has been watched over 23 million times on YouTube. Then, in November 2019, he released his first EP, Love & Light, which was backed by the songs “Baby” and “Beginning.”

“Don’t Call Me” and “All for You,” which both have Mayorkun on them, are also on the EP. Joeboy revealed his first album, Somewhere Between Beauty & Magic, in January 2021. The album came out in February 2021.

Joeboy Family Background

The tribe of Joeboy’s parents is Yoruba. [2] He has one sister and two brothers. His father and older brother were both in a band. His brother sings, and his father play the piano. [3]

Joeboy Biography and Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend, Parents, State, Tribe


Awards | Nominations

Joeboy got the 2019 All Africa Music Awards for Best Artiste in African Pop and the 2020 Soundcity MVP Awards Festival for Best Pop. He was also up for City People Entertainment Awards and The Headies more than once.

Legal Issues

In October 2022, Joeboy got a letter from the singer Bukola Elemide, who goes by the stage name Asa. Asa said that the first version of Joeboy’s song “Contour” was made by her and the producer of the song “Tempoe” in September 2020.

Asa asked for N300 million and gave a 24-hour deadline for all digital streaming outlets to take the song down. She also asked for a written explanation and a 60 percent share of the song’s royalties. [4]

Joeboy Biography and Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend, Parents


The name of Joeboy’s girlfriend is not known to the public12. He showed her off for the first time at Mr. Eazi’s birthday party in 2020. But no one has been able to find out anything about her. Some websites have pictures of a woman who is said to be Joeboy’s girlfriend, but it’s not clear if they are real or not.


In an exclusive conversation with Pulse Nigeria, Nigerian pop star Joseph Akinwale Akinfenwa said that he has spent more than 50 million Naira on his girlfriend in the last two years.

When asked if he was a lover boy and if he liked to spoil his woman, Joseph Akinwale stated that he does like to give his woman a good time and doesn’t mind spoiling her. When asked how much he might have spent on her since they started dating, Akinwale Akinfenwa said he had spent more than 50 million Naira.

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