Josephine Mburu Biography, Net Worth, Age, Family, Husband, Children, Education, Background

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Josephine Mburu is a well-known person in the field of public health in Kenya. She has had a successful career for many years and has made important contributions to healthcare.

While we don’t have information about her personal life, such as her husband or family, her professional accomplishments and recent controversies have gained attention. This article provides details about Josephine Mburu’s life, education, career, and the challenges she has faced.

Josephine Mburu Biography

Josephine Mburu is a respected figure in the field of public health in Kenya. She has worked for more than 34 years in different roles within the Ministry of Health. With her extensive experience and knowledge, she has made significant contributions to improving healthcare services in the country.

Age | Date of Birth

While specific details about Josephine Mburu’s age and date of birth are not readily available, her career trajectory suggests that she has accumulated decades of professional experience and knowledge in the field of public health.

Nationality | Ethnicity

Josephine Mburu is a Kenyan national, with her entire professional career focused on serving the health needs of her fellow citizens. Information regarding her ethnicity is not readily accessible.

Family Background | Early Life

Unfortunately, there is limited information regarding Josephine Mburu’s family background and early life. The available details primarily revolve around her professional achievements and contributions to the healthcare sector.

Josephine Mburu Biography, Net Worth, Age, Family, Husband, Children, Education, Background

Education | Early Career

Josephine Mburu possesses an impressive educational background, which has undoubtedly contributed to her successful career in public health. She holds a Doctorate in Public Health from Jomo Kenyatta University and a master’s degree in public health from Kenyatta University College, specializing in epidemiology and health services management.

These qualifications have equipped her with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in her field. Mburu’s early career saw her rise through the ranks within the Ministry of Health. She served as a lecturer at the state-owned Kenya Medical Training College before being nominated for the position of Public Health Principal Secretary by the President.

Personal Life: Husband and Children

There is no publicly available information about Josephine Mburu’s husband or children. Her professional endeavors have been the primary focus of media coverage and public attention.

Net Worth

Details regarding Josephine Mburu’s net worth are not readily accessible. Given her senior position and extensive experience within the Ministry of Health, it can be inferred that she has achieved financial stability and recognition in her field.


Josephine Mburu’s career in public health spans more than three decades. She has held various significant positions within the Ministry of Health, including acting head of national public health, head of the microbiology unit, head of the national tuberculosis reference laboratory unit, and acting chief medical laboratory technologist.

Her contributions have been instrumental in areas such as disease control, laboratory services, and public health management. Despite her remarkable career, Josephine Mburu has recently faced controversies surrounding graft allegations related to the donor-funded national nets tender.

This led to her dismissal as the Public Health Principal Secretary, along with other officials. These challenges have put a spotlight on the need for transparency and accountability within the healthcare system.

In Conclusion

Josephine Mburu’s dedication and contributions to the field of public health in Kenya have left a lasting impact. Although information about her personal life remains scarce, her professional achievements and recent controversies have garnered attention.

As Kenya strives to address issues of graft and enhance healthcare services, individuals like Josephine Mburu play a crucial role in shaping the future of the nation’s health sector.

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