Josh Wilder is a contestant on Survivor Season 44 who comes from Greater Cincinnati. Joshua J. Wilder grew up in Springdale and loved swimming, working as a lifeguard, instructor, and coach at the Springdale Community Center.

Now a surgical podiatrist in Atlanta, Georgia, Josh is excited to compete on Survivor. This biography explores Josh Wilder’s background, interests, and journey of resilience.

Early Life and Education

Josh Wilder is a 35-year-old Surgical Podiatrist from Cincinnati, Ohio. Although we do not know much about his education, his career as a Surgical Podiatrist in Atlanta shows his dedication and success in his field.

Overcoming Adversity

Josh Wilder has faced incredible challenges throughout his life and emerged as a resilient survivor. During his first year of medical school, he underwent surgery to remove his entire stomach. Despite this adversity, he graduated at the top of his class, showing his determination.

Josh was also born with Prune Belly Syndrome and had a kidney transplant when he was nine years old. He had to take medicine for the rest of his life that made him more susceptible to cancer. Unfortunately, he got stomach cancer when he was 25 years old.

However, Josh successfully overcame this challenge by having his entire stomach removed and learning how to eat again. He is now cancer-free and living a healthy life.

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Survivor 44 Career

Josh Wilder is a contestant on Survivor Season 44. He has faced many life-threatening challenges, including a total gastrectomy during his first year of medical school and a kidney transplant at age 9 due to Prune Belly Syndrome.

After having his entire stomach removed and learning to eat again due to stomach cancer, Josh is now cancer-free.

As a queer Black man from Ohio, Josh believes in building trust and alliances with diverse individuals and using his athleticism to pursue wellness. He is confident in his ability to adapt to any situation and is determined to become the Sole Survivor.

In Conclusion

Josh Wilder’s participation in Survivor Season 44 highlights his resilience and determination in overcoming life-threatening challenges. He is a role model who inspires others with his strength and perseverance. As we eagerly anticipate the season premiere, let us commend Josh’s unwavering spirit and wish him the best of luck in his pursuit of the title of Sole Survivor.

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