Juicy Jay Biography and Net Worth, Age, Nationality, Wife, Girlfriend, BBTitans, Family

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Siya Juicy Jay

Juicy Jay is assumed to be worth more or less than, $3,000 dollars, he is one of the successful participants who has passed the audition of Big Brother Titans. Just as we promised earlier, let’s read his full biography and net worth below.

Juicy Jay, a 24-year-old rugby player from South Africa, believes he would make a fantastic roommate in the Big Brother Titan house due to his charisma and ability to add fun to their stay in the big brother Titans house show.

Juicy Jay Biography

Meet Siyamthanda Jwacu, a 24-year-old South African man from Mthatha, born on June 4, 1998. He is also known as Juicy Jay. Siyamthanda is a Christian, and he is straight. He is 6 feet 2 inches tall, and he weighs 234 pounds or 106 kilograms.

He has black hair and dark brown eyes. Siyamthanda has one sibling and is currently single. He attended Nelson Mandela University.

The Big Brother Titans 2023 cast has just revealed one more houseguest, and his name is Juicy Jay. He is from Tata, South Africa. That’s where he was born and took his childhood period there to with his parents and other family members.

Siya Juicy Jay Biography And Net Worth
Siya Juicy Jay


Juicy Jay is a native of South Africa, He disclosed to Big Brother during audition, that he is the type of person who is more likely to stir up problems to bring peace in the midst of people. He claims, in addition, that he consumes a great amount of vodka.

He plays Rugby during his leisure periods, Rugby is a team sport that was started at Rugby School in the first half of the 1800s. One of the two ways to play rugby football is to run with the ball in your hands.

Juicy Jay Biography and Net Worth, Age, Nationality, Wife, Girlfriend, BBTitans, Family

Age | Date of Birth

The Rugby player, Juicy claims to be 24 years old, of which am not really sure if that is his real age. Furthermore, we a can say that is his age in times of social consideration. Looking at him, he is currently at the age of 27 years old or more.

Our editors are really finding it difficult to make findings on his full biography, but we promise to update you guys when his full biography or biodata is out to the public.

Juicy Jay Eviction

Two contestants, Olivia and Juicy Jay, were voted out of the Big Brother house during a live show. The other housemates were emotional as they prepared for the eviction.

Olivia and Juicy Jay were surprised but accepted their fate and left the house. They are the fifth pair to leave the show after Marvin and Yaya left on February 19.

Juicy Jay Biography and Net Worth, Age, Nationality

In Conclusion

In case you find you self in the position of giving us more details about him, you can as well write them on the comment section below. We promise to update this page as soon as we get any details about him.

We are currently making research on his real date of birth, place of birth, marital status, education background and qualifications, his childhood background and lot’s more about him. In case you missed it, read the full biography and net worth of his fellow housemate, Yemi Cregx.

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