Julia Fox has been involved in various aspects of the contemporary art and entertainment industry. Let’s provide you with her full biography and net worth below, including her Husband, Children, and Forbes record of her net worth.

Julia Fox Net Worth

Julia Fox is an actress, and she has $30 million in money. She gets this money from her acting jobs in movies like Puppet, PVT Chat, No Sudden Move and Uncut Gems, which is the movie she is most famous for.

A website called Distractify made said that Julia Fox has $30 million as her net worth. They also said she is an actress, writer, podcast host, fashion designer, and artist, she once worked in an ice cream shop and store.

Julia Fox Net Worth, Husband, Children, House, Apartment, Forbes, Source of Income

Julia Fox House – Apartment

Julia showed her fans her apartment on TikTok. She said she wanted to be honest and open with them. She started in the room that is her bedroom but also a living room. She has a bed in one corner, but also a lot of toys and a TV.

She moved her bed to the living room so her son Valentino could have a playroom. She also showed a mirror with pictures of loved ones, a place to grow plants, a long hallway with things on the floor.

She also showed a small bathroom with products on the sink, and a kitchen with shoe boxes, which is normal for people in New York. The only clean room is Valentino’s bedroom, but he doesn’t use it. He sleeps with his mother.

Julia Fox Net Worth, Husband, Kids

Husband – Children

Julia Fox is an actress who got married to a private pilot named Peter Artemiev in 2018. They had a son together and lived in a home in Manhattan.

However, they later separated. In 2022, she began dating a billionaire artist named Kanye West. There were also rumors that she dated the rapper Drake at some point that year.

Interestingly, her ex-husband Peter also had a connection to Kanye and his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. She has a son called, Valentino.

Source of Income

The actress earns her money through acting and social media paid ads or influence on products. She has been on so many magazines and movies acted by widely known actors and actress.

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