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Karen Andrews is a politician in Australia and a member of the Liberal National Party of Queensland. She was the Minister for Industry, Science, and Technology from 2018 to 2021 and then became the Minister for Home Affairs until 2022.

Andrews has represented the Queensland seat of McPherson since the 2010 federal election. Before her career in politics, she was a mechanical engineer and worked as an industrial relations consultant. On April 18, 2023, Andrews announced that she plans to retire at the next Australian federal election.

Karen Andrews Biography

Karen Andrews Biography

Karen Lesley Weir was born on August 23, 1960, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. She is a member of the Liberal National Party (LNP) and has three children with her spouse Chris Andrews. Weir studied at Queensland University of Technology and Victoria University and is a mechanical engineer by profession.

She is an advocate for industrial relations and has worked in this field for many years. Karen Andrews was the Minister for Home Affairs from March 2021 to May 2022, serving alongside Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Prior to that, she was the Minister for Industry, Science and Technology from August 2018 to March 2021, and before that, she was the Assistant Minister for Vocational Education and Skills and the Assistant Minister for Science. Andrews has also been a Member of Parliament for McPherson since August 2010.

Date of Birth | Age

Karen Andrews was born on August 23, 1960, which means that in 2022, she turned 62 years old. In 2023, she will turn 63, and in 2024, she will turn 64. Similarly, in 2025, she will be 65 years old, and in 2026, she will turn 66.

In 2027, Karen will be 67 years old, and in 2028, she will turn 68. Despite her age, Karen continues to be an active and influential member of the Australian political landscape.

Ethnicity | Nationality | Zodiac Sign

Karen Andrews is an Australian politician, born under the zodiac sign of Leo. Unfortunately, there is no information available about her ethnicity on the internet.

Karen Andrews, Age, Husband, Children

Family Background | Parents

Karen Andrews is a well-known politician in Australia who was born in Brisbane. Her father, William Weir, was a disabled veteran who dedicated his life to helping other disabled veterans. ((ghgossip.com))

This inspired Karen to pursue a career in public service. Her mother, Moya Weir, ((wikispro.com)) was a schoolteacher who instilled in Karen a love of learning and a passion for education.

Karen had a loving and supportive family who taught her the importance of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Her parents’ commitment to service and education had a significant impact on her life and inspired her to become the successful politician she is today.

Husband | Children

Karen Andrews is a politician who is happily married with three daughters. She is also a property owner with nine investment properties. Her husband Chris is a financial advisor who has helped her with her investments.

Karen has worked hard to build her property portfolio, which has provided her with a stable source of income and allowed her to build wealth over time. Her success is an inspiration for anyone who wants to achieve financial independence through property investment.

Education | Early Career

Karen Andrews was born in Brisbane in 1960 and grew up in Townsville. She studied mechanical engineering at the Queensland Institute of Technology and was one of the first two women to graduate from the engineering faculty.

Karen worked in the power industry in Queensland and Victoria, and later became an industrial advocate for an employers’ association. She also worked for the Victorian Department of Health and Community Services and later started her own industrial relations consultancy. In 2002, Karen moved to the Gold Coast.

Political Career

In 2009, Karen Andrews won the Liberal National Party of Queensland preselection ballot for the federal seat of McPherson after the previous MP retired. She defeated three other candidates, including Peter Dutton.

Karen retained the seat in the 2010 federal election. She was also involved in the founding of the Parliamentary Friends of Science and served as chair of the joint statutory committee on public works from 2013 to 2015.

However, she was reportedly involved in a verbal altercation with a state government minister in 2014 and her office had a high employee turnover with accusations of a hostile work environment.

Karen Andrews Net Worth, Ethnicity, Nationality, Wealth

In Government

Karen Andrews was appointed as a parliamentary secretary in 2014 and became Assistant Minister for Science in 2015. She later became Assistant Minister for Vocational Education and Skills in 2016.

In 2018, Andrews was promoted to Minister for Industry, Science and Technology and then became Minister for Home Affairs in 2021. As science minister, she announced funding for clean energy, artificial intelligence research, and the Australian Space Agency.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, she played a key role in the government’s response to reassure the public and manage panic-buying. Andrews also participated in the 2018 Liberal leadership spills and initially supported Peter Dutton before voting for Scott Morrison.

Political Positions

Karen Andrews is a member of the Centre-Right faction of the Liberal Party and has identified as a feminist. She believes coal will be important for Australia’s energy mix in the future.

However, in 2020, she said it was time to stop fighting over climate change and focus on adapting to and reducing its effects. She urged everyone to work together to find solutions.

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