Kemi Asekun Biography, Net Worth, Children, State of Origin, Religion, Education, Age, Husband

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Kemi Asekun: The Prominent Nigerian Journalist and Media Personality

Explore her career, achievements, and her impact on contemporary issues in this engaging biography. In the vibrant tapestry of Nigerian media and politics, Kemi Asekun stands as a prominent figure.

With a career spanning journalism, media personality, and political commentary, she has made a significant impact on the landscape. Let’s delve into her fascinating journey.

Kemi Asekun Biography

Kemi Asekun, the prominent Nigerian journalist and media personality, has left an indelible mark on the media and politics landscape.

Age and Date of Birth

As of 2023, Kemi Asekun is 59 years old, born in 1964. Her journey through Nigerian media and politics spans several decades, making her a respected personality in her field.

State of Origin and Tribe

While specific information about Kemi Asekun’s state of origin isn’t readily available, it is known that she hails from the southwestern part of Nigeria, predominantly occupied by the Yoruba people.

Early Life and Education

Kemi Asekun’s early life remains largely private, but her passion for journalism and politics became evident early on. This drive would later shape her career.

Her dedication to her field is evident in her educational background. According to her LinkedIn profile, she currently serves as a lecturer at Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko in Nigeria.

This suggests that she possesses at least a bachelor’s degree and possibly higher qualifications in a relevant field.

Kemi Asekun Biography, Net Worth, Children, State of Origin, Religion, Education, Age, Husband

Career Achievements

Kemi Asekun’s journey in the media and politics world began with her early career. Although detailed information about her initial years remains elusive, her professional career has been marked by notable achievements.

She authored an article titled “Women matter too: A response to the vituperations of Babachir Lawal,” in which she criticized the former Secretary to the Government of the Federation for his comments about women in politics.

In the article, she questioned when women would start to matter enough in politics to individuals like Babachir Lawal and his cohorts.

Furthermore, she hosts a talk show called “Talking Point with Kemi Asekun.” This show features interviews with various guests on current events and political issues in Nigeria. Her contributions to this show have made her a recognizable face in Nigerian media.

Recognition in the Media and Entertainment Industry

Kemi Asekun’s contributions to the media and entertainment industry have gained her recognition and influence.

She was mentioned in an article on that compared her beauty to that of Seyi Asekun and Kemi Afolabi, two Yoruba actresses.

This highlights her influence and recognition in the media and entertainment industry.

Additionally, she was featured in a video on YouTube where she reviewed newspaper headlines and discussed current events in Nigeria. This further cements her status as a respected commentator on contemporary issues.

Personal Life

Details about Kemi Asekun’s personal life, such as her marital status, children, or hobbies, are not widely available. She has maintained a level of privacy in this regard.

Net Worth

Specific information about Kemi Asekun’s net worth is not readily accessible. The financial aspects of her life remain private.

In Conclusion

Kemi Asekun’s journey through Nigerian media and politics has left an indelible mark on these fields. Her achievements, dedication, and influence have made her a respected figure.

While some aspects of her life remain private, her professional accomplishments and contributions to the media and entertainment industry are undeniably remarkable.

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