Koboko Master Biography and Net Worth, Age, State, Tribe, Real Name, Wife, Brother, Comedian

You are currently viewing Koboko Master Biography and Net Worth, Age, State, Tribe, Real Name, Wife, Brother, Comedian

Koboko Master real name is Bernard Gbadamosi, he is a well known Nigerian comedian and also a sport analyst. Let’s look into his full biography and net worth below.

Koboko Master Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Tribe, Real Name, Wife

Koboko Master Biography

Koboko Master Real Name; The Nigerian comedian’s real name is Bernard Gbadamosi, while he uses Koboko Master as his stage name. He started doing stand-up comedies in Abuja before he moved to Lagos State.

Few is known about his full biography and net worth; you can read his interview answers with Dailypost below. He said that he started making jokes to cheer himself up before he was told to try to make comedies.

Koboko Master Biography And Net Worth, Age, State

Read Interview Talks Below

“I’ve always had a sense of humor about myself. I was raised in a huge family with approximately 62 grandkids and approximately 110 grandchildren, so in a house with that many people, you can expect to find all kinds of people, including the good, the terrible, and the ugly.

My brother and I made the decision to act goofy. When we were younger, we were known for our foul language, and we had no idea that it would one day serve us in such a positive way. We give thanks to God since it is beginning to bear fruit right now.

“In 2009, I was performing stand-up comedy in order to make money because I was living in Maraba, which is located in Nasarawa. As a method of self-encouragement, I frequently tell jokes while stuck in traffic; thus, I am able to make other passengers on the bus laugh while they are venting their frustrations about other drivers.

I could be making references to automobiles and the people who drive them, and while I was doing that, other people would tell me that I was wasting my gift and that I need to go and join AY, Basket Mouth, and other similar organizations.

“From my point of view, it was never an insult; rather, it was just them being ahead of me in terms of understanding who I am and what I was preparing for. These statements helped us to continue to believe that what we were doing was amusing and that other people enjoyed it.

In the 2008-2009 school year, we had Charly Boy teach us how to manufacture yarn. It was an event that was participated in by high-profile personalities such as Ruggedman, Feliz Duke, and 2shot. It was planned so that we could talk about the young of Nigeria and the way forward.

We went to Charly Boy’s place for the audition since he required people who were prepared. I had never auditioned in front of Charly Boy before, but he made it abundantly plain that he was impressed by my performance.

“With Charly Boy’s encouragement, I felt it was an endorsement, and when the event came, I dressed up in one borrowed suit, performed, and I had a terrific show.” “With Charly Boy’s encouragement, I felt it was an endorsement.” Following that magnificent performance, everything from 2008 until the present has been perfect.

“In 2010, we participated in a competition called “Battle of the Gifted” with Charly Boy, and in 2012, I started working in radio for around seven years.” From 2012 till 2018, I was a sports commentator. I analyzed sports such as tennis and golf using pidgin from 2017-2018, and then I made the decision to go back to my comic life.

Koboko Master Biography

In Addition

Koboko Master said that he does not participate in any comedy industry cliques when he was asked if he is part of a family in the comedy industry. This was in response to the perception that the Nigerian comedy industry is organized into families.

He went on to clarify that Comedy is now considered to be its own genre, and owing to the nature of his brand of comedy, he believes that Acapella is the best individual working in the sector since he is analytical.

He Said;

“I have not affiliated myself with any particular group within the industry. Humor today has its own subcategories, much like music does, with categories such as hip hop and afrobeat, as well as abstract comedy, socio-economic comedy, and music comedy.

Due to the nature of my brand of comedy, which I call “socio-political, economic comedy,” I believe that Acapella is the greatest person for me to work with at the moment. One of my funniest lines, “the coat of arm,” which has helped me get where I am now, was written on his platform.

My relationship with Acapella is similar to that of a parallel line because he is my closest friend in the business. Because anything that is humorous to him will likely be funny to the majority of the people in any audience, he may get an idea and contact me, and when I have one of my own, I will do the same thing. We are people who think critically.

His Early Career

“In life, the only time you can truly care about another person is when you are actively involved in the things that they undertake on a daily basis. The most that your parents are able to do for you after you have already developed a sense of independence from infancy is to pray for you.

Because their lives are governed and designed by their parents, you will never witness a filthy rich man child performing comedy for the simple reason that they are too wealthy.

The comic, when discussing the practice of stealing intellectual property in the industry, remarked that he does not reuse jokes and so cannot be caught in a web of stolen intellectual property.

Koboko Master Said:

“I don’t repeat jokes, and you can’t catch me in such a web since we observe other comedians to see how they communicate with their audience and gesture,” the comedian said. Some of us are also fans of comedians from other countries; in reality, the reason for this is that our line states that you cannot be a socioanalyst or a physical thinker and be without humor.

As we are currently residing in a nation that has the appearance of Hollywood, it is imperative that you focus on developing the ability to perceive things that others do not see. The theft of intellectual property creates a web that is impossible to escape from.

How Comedians Lives in Abuja

He stated that there is still a lot of work that has to be done to encourage comedians in the nation’s capital (Abuja), and he added that if the federal government makes life simpler for its inhabitants, things will fall into place for every Nigerian.

Kobo Master also claimed that it is easier to become a bigger comic in Lagos than in Abuja since Abuja is a more restrained city. He said this because Lagos is more open-minded.

He Said:

“Comedy shows face a difficulty when it comes to the Abuja factor. It is difficult since everyone has a tendency to keep to themselves in this city, which makes it a challenge. People go there because their excitement does not feel genuine, which is in contrast to Lagos, where the thrill feels very genuine.

This is why they have so many ungodly locations in the city. Things that take place at the park by themselves have the potential to make your day.

You can bring all the stars to Abuja like Buchi, Bovi, and Basket mouth, and you will still have to spend money on advertisements and broadcast, but you will be surprised that only God can help you fill up that show. Shows in Lagos are always sold out, but in Abuja, only God can help you fill up that show.

“Perhaps it is due to the fact that Abuja is the seat of authority, and individuals who have stolen money are unable to leave.” Some of us believe that if we put in the same amount of effort in Lagos, we will achieve greater success.

Is Koboko Master Married?

Yes! Bernard Gbadamosi is married to a beautiful lady in Abuja; The Abuja-based comedian and OAP known as “Koboko Master” has expressed his appreciation to God for blessing his young family with a healthy baby girl, who was just delivered by his wife a few moments ago at the Vine Clinic in Abuja.

The comedian called on the general public and his admirers to behold what the lord has done for him on this joyful day, as the mother and child are in perfect conditions, during a talk with news medias. Koboko Master said that the mother and child are in perfect conditions.

Only a few short months after the couple’s wedding, which was full of joy and color, the couple has been blessed with their first child. This is a wonderful gift for their marriage. On this momentous occasion in Koboko Master and his wife’s lives, friends, family, admirers, and well-wishers are already sending messages of felicitation and congratulations as they rejoice with the couple.

Since the industrious, brilliant OAP and Comedian, who is also a Staff member of Brilla FM, vowed to make the naming ceremony and dedication of his daughter spectacular, he is rather surprised.

The well-known comedian and performer from Abuja is busy making arrangements to organize the fourth iteration of his massive yearly comedy performance, which is going to be called Koboko Master Live4: The Satire.

The event, which is going to be called the Comedy Concert, is going to take place at the Sheraton Hotels and Towers in Abuja on March 1st, 2020.

MC Tagwaye, Acapella, Osama, Aproko Doctor, MC Edo Pikin, MC Pashun, Koloman, and Laffing Gas are just a few of the well-known comedians who have performed live. Others include Laffing Gas.

Koboko Master Brother

The Popular comedian Mc Edo Pikin is his younger biological brother. MC Edo Pikin is a famous Nigerian comedian from Edo State. He won the Standup Comedian of the Year award at The Humour Awards (THA) in 2021.

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