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Lalisa Manoban, also known as Lisa, has achieved incredible success in her music career, earning numerous awards and setting records in the industry. She holds the record for the most Guinness World Records won by a K-pop solo artist, with a total of eight.

Her debut album, “Lalisa,” made history by selling 736,000 copies in its first week in South Korea, making her the first female artist to achieve this feat. Additionally, the music video for the album’s lead single broke records for the most-viewed music video within 24 hours of its release.

Lisa’s song “Money” also made waves, becoming the first multiweek charting song by a female K-pop solo artist on both the US Billboard Hot 100 and UK charts.

With a massive following on social media, Lisa is the most-followed K-pop artist on Instagram and the most-subscribed K-pop solo artist on YouTube.

She has received accolades such as the People’s Choice Awards for Best Female Artist (Overseas), as well as awards from prestigious events like the MTV Video Music Awards and MTV Europe Music Awards for her contributions to K-pop.

These achievements underscore Lisa’s exceptional talent and influence in the music industry, establishing her as a prominent figure in the world of K-pop.

Who Is Lalisa Manobal?

In the mesmerizing realm of K-pop, one name stands out — Lalisa Manobal, widely known as Lisa. This Thai rapper, singer, and dancer has transcended boundaries, capturing the hearts of millions worldwide.

Let’s delve into the captivating story of this multifaceted artist, exploring her biography, early life, career milestones, personal life, and much more.


Lalisa Manobal, born on March 27, 1997, in Buriram, Thailand, is a 26-year-old luminary gracing the global stage. Her roots intertwine with Thai ethnicity, and her captivating journey began as part of the South Korean sensation, Blackpink, formed by YG Entertainment.

Lisa’s linguistic prowess extends beyond borders, fluently conversing in Thai, English, and Korean, with a basic understanding of Japanese and Chinese. Her ability to communicate seamlessly reflects her global influence.

Early Life and Education

Lisa’s ascent to stardom commenced in 2012 when she entered YG Entertainment’s talent search program in Thailand. Alongside future Blackpink members Jennie, Rosé, and Jisoo, she underwent rigorous training, showcasing her dance skills in Taeyang’s 2013 music video, “Ringa Linga.”

In 2015, Lisa participated in the dance competition show “Real Men 300,” garnering praise for her exceptional skills. The following year marked the official debut of Blackpink, catapulting Lisa into the limelight with hits like “Whistle,” “Kill This Love,” and collaborations with global artists.

Net Worth (as of 2024)

As of March 2023, Lalisa Manoban boasts a net worth ranging from $10-14 million. Her earnings stem from a triumphant music career, social media prominence, and lucrative endorsement deals with renowned brands like Bulgari and Celine.

Personal Life

Lisa’s family includes her mother, Chitthip Brüschweiler, and stepfather Marco Brüschweiler, a renowned Swiss chef in Thailand. While her biological parents’ names remain undisclosed, her stepfather has played a significant role in her life.

Boyfriend: Relationship With Frederic Arnault

In the realm of love, Lisa has been romantically linked with Frederic Arnault, CEO of TAG Heuer and LVMH Watches. Their sightings in Paris, Florida, and a Thai restaurant have sparked speculation, adding a romantic chapter to Lisa’s captivating narrative.


Lisa finished her secondary education at Praphamontree School I and II. She is fluent in multiple languages, including Thai, Korean, and English, and has a basic understanding of Japanese and Chinese.

From the age of four, Lisa participated in dance classes, entering competitions such as To Be Number One and joining the dance crew We Zaa Cool, led by BamBam of Got7. In 2009, her crew won the Special Team Award in the LG Entertainment Million Dream Sanan World competition.

During 2012–2015, Lisa engaged in pre-debut activities. At 13, she auditioned for YG Entertainment in Thailand, inspired by her admiration for K-pop artists like BigBang and 2NE1. Lisa stood out among 4,000 applicants and became the only non-Korean to qualify, securing a chance to be a YG Entertainment trainee.

In 2011, Lisa moved to South Korea for formal training, officially joining YG Entertainment in April 2011. She appeared in labelmate Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga” music video in November 2013 and began modeling for Nona9on in March 2015.

Lisa debuted with Blackpink in August 2016, marking her as the first non-Korean artist under the label. The group’s debut single album, Square One, included hits like “Whistle” and “Boombayah.” Blackpink signed a global partnership with Interscope Records in 2018.

Lisa’s solo ventures included becoming a cast member on MBC’s Real Man 300 and starting her YouTube channel, Lilifilm Official, in 2018. In 2020, she served as the dance mentor on iQIYI’s Youth With You Season 2.

In 2021, Lisa debuted as a solo artist with the album “Lalisa.” The lead single, also titled “Lalisa,” set records for views and charted globally. Lisa continued her success with the B-side track “Money,” which gained popularity on social media and climbed international charts.

Lisa’s collaborations with DJ Snake, Ozuna, and Megan Thee Stallion, particularly the song “SG,” also contributed to her success. She won numerous awards, including MTV Video Music Awards and Guinness World Records.

In 2023, Lisa headlined performances at the Parisian cabaret Crazy Horse and received additional Guinness World Records for her achievements. She was later invested as an Honorary Member of the Order of the British Empire in November 2023.

Lisa renewed her contract with Blackpink in December 2023. In January 2024, she headlined the Le Gala des Pièces Jaunes charity event in Paris and announced the launch of her artist management company, Lloud. Lisa is set to make her acting debut in the HBO series The White Lotus.

Beyond her music career, Lisa is known for her endorsements, modeling for brands like Moonshot, Adidas, and MAC Cosmetics. She also engages in philanthropy, contributing to various causes.

Lisa’s impact extends globally, making her the most-followed K-pop idol on Instagram. Her influence on fashion, makeup, and the cultural scene has earned her recognition and awards, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

FAQs about Lalisa Manobal

What Is Her Real Name?

Pranpriya Manobal (Manoban).

How Old Is She (as of 2024)?

26 years old, born on March 27, 1997.

What Is Her Date of Birth?

March 27, 1997.

Where Is Her Birthplace?

Buriram, Thailand.

Where Is She Originally From?


What Is Her Net Worth (as of 2024)?

Approximately $10-14 million.

Does She Have Children (as of 2024)?


Is She Married (as of 2024)?


Who Is Her Husband?

She doesn’t have a husband as of 2024.

Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Linked romantically with Frederic Arnault, CEO of TAG Heuer and LVMH Watches.

In Conclusion

Lalisa Manobal’s journey from a Thai trainee to a global sensation is a testament to her talent, resilience, and charismatic presence.

Lalisa Manoban Biography, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Family, Career, Education, Personal Life

As we traverse the pages of her biography, we unveil the layers of Lisa’s life, each chapter contributing to the phenomenon that is Lalisa Manobal.

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