Lamidi Apapa: Nigerian Politician and Labour Party National Chairman

Lamidi Apapa is a prominent Nigerian politician who is allegedly serving as the current national chairman of the Labour Party. He assumed this position after replacing the suspended Julius Abure. Previously, Apapa held the role of chairman for the Labour Party Oyo chapter.

This article provides an overview of Lamidi Apapa’s background, including his biography, career, education, and state of origin. Although his net worth remains undisclosed, his contributions to Nigerian politics have garnered significant attention. Read on to learn more about Lamidi and his political journey.

Lamidi Apapa Biography

Lamidi Apapa was born in 1950 and hails from Oyo state, Nigeria. While there is limited information available about his early life and family background, his political career has brought him into the spotlight. Apapa’s commitment to public service and leadership roles within the Labour Party have contributed to his prominence in Nigerian politics.

Age | Date of Birth

As of the current year, Lamidi Apapa is 73 years old. He was born in the year 1950, although the exact date of his birth has not been specified in the available information.

Lamidi Apapa Biography, Net Worth, Age, Family, State, Tribe, Religion, Education Background

State of Origin | Nationality

Lamidi Apapa is a native of Oyo state, Nigeria. He proudly represents his state in his political endeavors. Furthermore, his nationality is Nigerian, reflecting his commitment to serving his country and its people.


Lamidi Apapa is known for his involvement in Nigerian politics as a politician and businessman. His career has been dedicated to public service, striving to make a positive impact on the nation’s political landscape.

Net Worth

While Lamidi Apapa’s net worth has not been estimated or publicly disclosed, his position as a prominent politician suggests a substantial financial standing. However, specific details regarding his net worth are currently unavailable.

In Conclusion

Lamidi Apapa is a Nigerian politician who currently serves as the alleged national chairman of the Labour Party, having replaced the suspended Julius Abure. He has made significant contributions to Nigerian politics and previously served as the chairman of the Labour Party Oyo chapter.

Born in 1950 in Oyo state, Apapa’s commitment to public service and leadership roles have brought him recognition and opportunities to share his insights on esteemed platforms such as Channels TV and Arise News.

While details about his early life, education, and net worth remain undisclosed, Lamidi Apapa’s dedication to the betterment of Nigeria is evident through his involvement in the Labour Party and his influential position within the political landscape.

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