Lazerpay CEO & Co-founder, Emmanuel Njoku Biography and Net Worth, Age, Parents, Tribe, State, Education, Career

You are currently viewing Lazerpay CEO & Co-founder, Emmanuel Njoku Biography and Net Worth, Age, Parents, Tribe, State, Education, Career

Meet Emmanuel Njoku, a young tech entrepreneur from Nigeria who loves coding and finding new ways to solve problems with innovative solutions. Emmanuel is the CEO & Co-founder of Lazerpay, a web3 and crypto payment company.

Although his journey has been challenging, he has never given up and has become an inspiration to many young people who want to follow in his footsteps. With his passion and hard work, he has become a role model in the tech industry.

Emmanuel Njoku Biography and Net Worth, Age, Parents, Tribe, State, Education, Career

Emmanuel Njoku Biography

Emmanuel Njoku grew up in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria with his engineer father and schoolteacher mother. He had a talent for mathematics and represented his school in the math Olympiad, winning many medals. As a child, Njoku wanted to become a medical doctor, but everything changed when he discovered coding at the age of 13 in 2015.

His aunt introduced him and his siblings to programming with simple and enjoyable activities, and he quickly found a passion for it. Emmanuel Njoku is a Nigerian entrepreneur who’s changing the way people make payments with his creative solutions.

Emmanuel Njoku Biography and Net Worth, Age, Parents, Tribe, State

He’s the CEO and co-founder of Lazerpay, a payment company that uses web3 and cryptocurrency to make paying easier for individuals and businesses all around the world. Unfortunately, the company has shut down recently.


Emmanuel Njoku was always great at maths and competed in maths olympiads. He wanted to become a doctor, but when he was 13, his aunt introduced him to coding, which he found fun and easy. He started devoting more time to coding and learned the C++ language, which he used to build games.

Although Njoku wanted to study software engineering, his parents wanted him to study medicine. Eventually, he registered for the Universal Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) to study Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

Emmanuel Njoku Biography and Net Worth, Age, Parents

However, he lost interest in his course because of overcrowded lecture halls and poor teaching. When he met other friends who were also into coding, Emmanuel became more passionate about it. He even skipped classes to code and attend tech-related events.

Through a church friend, he got his first internship job as a game developer at Xend. He also got to work on various projects and corporations, such as Project Hydro Graphics, MakerDAO, Nestcoin, Kwivar, Instadapp, Avarta, Project Hydro, and Xend Finance.

How He Co-founded Lazerpay

Emmanuel Njoku co-founded Lazerpay, a company that made it easy for people to pay using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The goal was to make crypto payments simple and accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, the company had to shut down recently. Despite this setback, Njoku remains positive and is now working on new tech projects.

What Is Lazerpay?

Lazerpay is a payment system that uses blockchain technology to help businesses accept payments in stablecoins. This means that customers can pay for goods and services using cryptocurrency, and businesses can pay out in local currencies to over 160 countries.

Emmanuel Njoku Biography and Net Worth

When Was Lazerpay Founded? | Location

Lazerpay started operating in October 2021 with its co-founders Abdulfatai Sulaiman and Prosper Ubi. The company has already raised more than a million dollars for funding. Lazerpay is located in New Castle, Delaware, United States.

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