Lil O’self Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Real Name, Tribe, Religion, Songs

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The upcoming Nigerian artist, George Joseph also known as “O’self,” hails from the city of Akwa Ibom and born in the city of, Port Harcourt State, Nigeria. Let’s read the full biography and net worth of O’self below.

Lil O'self Biography And Net Worth

Wikipedia Profile & Background

Real Name: George Joseph
Date of Birth: 2st October, 2000
Age: 2022 years old @ 2022
State of Origin: Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
Place of Birth: Port Harcourt
Nationality: Nigerian
Girlfriend: Unknown
Occupation: SInger
Net Worth: < $50k
Record Label: Independent Artist
Education: ACL International School & College
Parents: His mother died in the year 2013

Lil O’self Biography

He is known for his musical performances. George Joseph Est., born on the first of October in the year 2002. His mother passed away from asthma in the year 2013, growing up was a pretty challenging experience for him.

Alongside contemporaries who have lofty goals, such as Lenny, the Vikings, Kvng, Solomon, and BQ. I will quote the on this: “He love the spot lights… But he will always remember the cave moments.”

Lil Oself is a undergraduate student at ACL School who participated on the school’s music team, George Joseph got his start in the industry by participating in “GPC Rap differ” in the city of Port Harcourt with Connections in his Church.

Lil O'self Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Real Name, Tribe, Religion, Songs

How old Is Lil O’self – Age

His real name is, George Joseph. He was born on the 12th day of October, 2000 in Port Harcourt state, Nigeria. The singer is currently at the age of 22 years old.

Where Is Lil O’self From – State of Origin

George Joseph, better known by his stage name Lil O’self, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter who was born in Nigeria’s Akwa Ibom State into a family of three children. He was born in Port Harcourt State, Nigeria.

Parents – Father & Mother

No record that was found about his parent, but his mother died of Asthma in 2013. She died when he was at the age of, 13 years old.

Girlfriend – Wife

We really do not have any information about his relationship. But we promise to update you guys as soon as we get any record about the love of his live.

Lil O'self Biography


George Joseph began recording music in 2010. Lil O’self could be mistaken for just another viral Instagram performer. However, in 2019, he rebranded his style, after he had an encounter with a trap star from port Harcourt. Parkito.

The 18-year-old from southern Nigeria has a lot more to contribute and is quickly forging his own route to becoming a voice in the future of next-gen music around the world.

The teenage singer had captured many people’s attention with his historic freestyle ’66 Clout,’ which trended number one on Twitter and got several A-List Artistes talking about him.

O’self recognizes the value of his musical platform and is aiming to make a difference through his talent. As he spoke with us in an interview on the Life of a Young Creative in Port Harcourt, O’s real enthusiasm keeps him provocative and hopeful about his trade.

Rivers State’s capital and industrial city is Port Harcourt. It is Nigeria’s fifth-largest city, behind Lagos, Kano, Ibadan, and Kaduna, and is located in the Niger Delta along the Bonny River.

In general, Rivers state is portrayed as an unethical area in Nigeria, yet during the last decade, the state has generated a significant number of mainstream music talents in the country, including Duncan Mighty, Burna Boy, Omah Lay, and Leriq.

Lil O’self was able to discuss his growing experience with us, including how intense it was recording at local studios in Port Harcourt and the challenges that came with pursuing his artistic dreams. George used to go by the stage moniker ‘George DBG’ before becoming Lil Oself.

He produced two mixtapes on SoundCloud under that identity, although he rarely speaks about those days or his old rap persona. Lil O’self is a multi-hyphenate graphic designer as well as a meme artist.

In middle and high school, he also sang in the chorus, and the importance of music in his life grew until he realized he could perform music professionally. O’self grew up listening to Drake, Juice Wrld, NF, and Wizkid, and their sounds influenced his style.

Lil O'self Biography And Net Worth, Age, State

Net Worth

The Nigerian upcoming singer is worth more or less than, $50k.

In Conclusion

Everything was predestined to fall into place. In his views, 66 represents two major figures that represent 6 feet deep. In his words, 66 is supposed to be 666, but many will undoubtedly accuse him of being satanic and mad.

All of his new tracks begin with 66, which is a symbol of an infinite sign that never came complete. (extremely deep) The aim of the 66 was to stand out from the crowd.

The number 66 represents some information that cannot be released on the internet. George Joseph stated during an interview “There is no satanic sign behind it, rather the inspiration came from toying with words.

And I discovered that the letter 66 was more profound than I had expected, so I began writing songs about it. Starting with 66 worth, followed by 66 have, 66 goat, and more to come. Just like Christ’s second coming.” Lil O’self stated that he wants to create new sounds and control the business.

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