Who Is Saint Obi’s wife? Lynda Saint-Nwafor Biography, Net Worth, Age, Education, Occupation, Children, Husband

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Meet Lynda Uzonna Saint-Nwafor, an accomplished Nigerian professional and business leader. Lynda Saint-Nwafor has had an impressive career as the Chief Enterprise Business Officer at MTN, a top telecommunications company. In this article, we’ll explore her background, achievements, and personal life.

She is mostly recognized as the wife of Obinna Nwafor, also known as Saint Obi, a famous Nigerian actor, movie producer, and director. With her successful career and impressive accomplishments, Lynda has become a respected figure in the Nigerian business world.

Lynda Saint-Nwafor Biography

Lynda Uzonna Saint-Nwafor, previously called Lynda Amobi, was born on July 7 in Anambra, Nigeria. She is proud of her Nigerian background and comes from Anambra State. Right now, Lynda has an important job as the Chief Enterprise Business Officer at MTN.

Her skills and hard work have made a big impact on the company’s success and growth. With her deep knowledge of the industry, Lynda has played a key role in shaping MTN’s enterprise business operations. Lynda is a strong and independent woman who has overcome challenges to do well in her career.

She is currently getting a divorce, which shows her determination and strength in facing difficulties. Lynda is also a caring mother to three children who mean the world to her. Lynda Saint-Nwafor, previously known as Lynda Amobi, is a well-known Nigerian businesswoman in the technology industry.

Age | State of Origin

Lynda Saint-Nwafor’s exact age has not been disclosed publicly. However, she was born on July 7. Lynda Saint-Nwafor is a Nigerian citizen, hailing from Anambra State in the southeastern part of the country. Her ethnicity is Nigerian.

Family Background | Early Life

Lynda Amobi was born into a family in Nigeria. Unfortunately, there is limited information available regarding her early life and family background.


Lynda Saint-Nwafor attended Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT), where she studied Computer Science and Engineering. She did exceptionally well in her studies and received the Deans prize for achieving the best results in her faculty.

To expand her expertise, Lynda decided to pursue an executive degree at the renowned Columbia Business School in New York City, USA.

This allowed her to further develop her knowledge and skills. At the beginning of her career, Lynda joined MTN Nigeria, which is the biggest telecommunications company in Nigeria and a key player in Africa and the Middle East.

Early Career

Lynda Saint-Nwafor began her career at MTN Nigeria in 2001 and showed remarkable dedication, hard work, and perseverance in her professional pursuits.

Her strong determination allowed her to take on different roles within the company, demonstrating her expertise in the telecommunications industry.

In a noteworthy achievement, she became the Core Network Planning Manager in 2003, only two years after joining MTN Nigeria. As her career advanced, she took on the position of Senior Manager of Systems Planning in 2004.

Personal Life: Husband and Children

Lynda Saint-Nwafor was previously married to Obinna Nwafor, widely known as Saint Obi, a respected Nigerian actor, film producer, and director. They had a happy marriage for 15 years and were blessed with three children.

Sadly, their marriage ended in 2021 for undisclosed reasons. It is important to mention that Saint Obi passed away on May 7, 2023. Recently, there has been news about Lynda Saint-Nwafor and her divorce scandal with her estranged husband, but the impact on her net worth remains unknown.

Lynda Saint-Nwafor Biography, Net Worth, Age, Education, Occupation, Children, Husband

Net Worth

As of 2022, it is estimated that Lynda Saint-Nwafor has a net worth of approximately $500,000 in US Dollars. It’s important to remember that financial situations can change, and it may be difficult to find precise and up-to-date information about her current wealth.


Lynda Saint-Nwafor has achieved remarkable success in her career at MTN Nigeria. Currently serving as the Chief Enterprise Business Officer (CEBO), she plays a crucial role in shaping and executing the enterprise business strategy. With her dedication, expertise, and leadership, Lynda has made significant contributions to MTN Nigeria’s growth and success.

A Career of Achievements and Growth

Lynda’s career at MTN Nigeria has been marked by notable achievements and continuous progression. From her current position as CEBO, she influences and implements the enterprise business strategy. Leveraging MTN Nigeria’s assets, infrastructure, partners, and channels, she drives the growth and success of the enterprise business sector.

Recognized Expertise and Leadership

Throughout her tenure at MTN Nigeria, Lynda’s dedication and expertise have earned her recognition. As the Chief Technical Officer in 2011, she oversaw crucial technical aspects to improve customer service and overall performance. Her strategic vision and leadership qualities have propelled her career within the company.

Contributions Beyond MTN Nigeria

Lynda’s impact extends beyond MTN Nigeria as she served as a member of the Presidential Committee under former President Goodluck Jonathan.

This demonstrates her valuable experience and insights gained from advisory positions. Her contributions have played a significant role in driving MTN Nigeria’s enterprise business success.

Advocating for SME Growth

Recognizing the immense potential of Nigeria’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Lynda emphasizes the need for government investment in programs supporting their growth.

Leveraging MTN Nigeria’s influence as the country’s largest company, she advocates for improving technological infrastructure and delivering high-quality services to empower SME development.

Resilience and Determination

Despite personal challenges as a married woman to a celebrity, Lynda has remained focused and determined, refusing to let anything hinder her success. Her resilience and commitment to her career have established her as a leading businesswoman in the tech industry.

In Conclusion

Meet Lynda Saint-Nwafor, also known as Lynda Amobi, a Nigerian businesswoman who holds a significant position as the Chief Enterprise Business Officer at MTN Nigeria PLC. She has a strong educational background and extensive experience in the telecommunications industry, making her a successful and influential figure.

Despite facing personal challenges, Lynda has shown remarkable dedication and professionalism in her career. Her contributions to MTN Nigeria and the Nigerian business landscape have gained her recognition and respect.

As she continues to shape the enterprise business strategy and drive innovation, Lynda Saint-Nwafor serves as an inspiring role model for aspiring business professionals in Nigeria and beyond.

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