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Martin Tyler is a well-known English football commentator and coach. He has been providing commentary for Sky Sports since 1990, covering major football events such as the Premier League and UEFA Champions League. He also worked as a commentator for ITV in the past.

Tyler is known for his iconic commentary during several football games, including Michael Essien’s goal against Arsenal, Andrey Arshavin’s goal in the 2011 Champions League game between Arsenal and Barcelona, and the 2012 UEFA Champions League Final between Chelsea and Bayern Munich.

Martin Tyler Biography

Martin Tyler is a football commentator who was born on September 14, 1945, in Chester, England. (( He studied at the Royal Grammar School in Guildford and the University of East Anglia. He works for Sky Sports, SBS Sports, IMG, and Premier League Productions.

Tyler has also worked as a coach for several teams managed by Alan Dowson, including Walton & Hersham, Kingstonian, and Hampton & Richmond Borough.

He currently works as a coach at Dartford after following Dowson there for the 2022-23 season. Tyler is a fan of Woking and was a coach for the National League club until Dowson’s departure in February 2022.

Early Career

Tyler’s voice is recognizable to many football fans as he provided commentary for the FIFA video game series from 2005 to 2019. In 2003, he was voted the FA Premier League Commentator of the Decade, cementing his reputation as a respected voice in the sport. Martin Tyler is a famous football commentator who has been working for Sky Sports since 1990.

He has covered various football tournaments, including the Premier League, the UEFA Champions League, and international competitions. Tyler’s voice was also featured in the FIFA video game series from 2005 until 2019. He was voted the FA Premier League Commentator of the Decade in 2003.

His commentary over Didier Drogba’s winning penalty has become a popular meme. Tyler’s most famous piece of commentary was when Sergio Agüero scored the late winner against Queens Park Rangers, and Manchester City won their first Premier League title in 2012.

Tyler’s exclamation, “He’s done it!” became famous. He has also provided commentary for Lionel Messi’s stunning solo effort against Bayern Munich and Cristiano Ronaldo’s equalizer against Spain in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Commentary Career

Martin Tyler is a famous football commentator who has worked for different media outlets in England. In the 1960s, he helped publish a book about football, wrote columns for The Times, and reported matches for the same newspaper.

Later, he took a job behind the scenes on a TV program called The Big Match. During one match, he did his own commentary on a tape recorder and handed it in to his bosses.

Eventually, he made his commentary debut for Southern Television, covering a football match between Southampton and Sheffield Wednesday.

Tyler moved to different regions and worked for several media outlets, including ITV and Sky Sports. He has covered several important events, such as the World Cup and the FA Premier League.

In 2003, he was voted the Premier League Commentator of The Decade by fans and a panel of football experts. He has also been approached by other broadcasting companies, but he chose to stay with Sky Sports.

Martin Tyler Biography and Net Worth, Age, Family, Wife, Children, Nationality, Ethnicity


Martin Tyler is a famous commentator who has worked for various organizations globally. He works for Premier League Productions, which produces and broadcasts Premier League matches for international audiences, mostly on Monday nights.

Tyler is also the main commentator for Australian TV network SBS for World Cup, Euro Football Championship, European club competition matches, and a few Australian international matches.

He has covered eight World Cup Finals for SBS, except for 2010 when he worked for ESPN in the United States. In 2010, Tyler provided commentary for Fox’s coverage of the UEFA Champions League Final, which was the first time the final was broadcast on a major American TV network.

He also led ESPN’s coverage of the 2010 FIFA World Cup and was set to return for the 2014 tournament, but he mutually agreed with ESPN to part ways ahead of the 2014 World Cup to focus on live Premier League games on Sky Sports.

Apart from football, Tyler has also commented on other sports such as cricket and live netball. He anchored Channel 4’s coverage of baseball’s World Series in the mid-1980s.

Tyler is also famous for his work in films and video games. He was the default commentator for the FIFA video game series from 2005 to 2020 and appeared as a commentator in the 2005 movie Goal.

Personal Life

Martin Tyler is married to Paula Tyler, whom he met at the 1982 World Cup. They got married in the UK in the late 1980s. (( However, there is no information available about Tyler’s family, including his children, siblings, or other relatives.

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