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Mc Lively, whose real name is Sani Michael Amanesi, is a famous Nigerian comedian and actor. He is renowned for his entertaining performances and is widely regarded as one of the most captivating comedians to come out of Nigeria.

Mc Lively studied law at Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife, Osun state. Despite receiving an invitation to the bar in 2016, He declined the invitation because he wants to be an actor.

Wikipedia Profile & Biodata

Real Name: Michael Sani Amanesi
Date Of Birth: 14 August 1992
Age: 31 years old @ 2023
State Of Origin: Edo State, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Actor | Comedian
Net Worth: $300,000
Place Of Birth: Osun State,
Education: Obafemi Awolowo University
Religion: Christian

MC Lively, whose real name is Sani Michael Amanesi, is a Nigerian actor and comedian known for his natural ability to make people laugh.

He has been entertaining audiences since he was a young boy and has since developed his talent into a successful career.

He adopted the stage name “MC Lively” because of his lively personality and ability to bring joy to those around him.

He played the lead character “Dele” in the comedy film “Fate of Alakada” which was released in 2020 and has also had supporting roles in movies such as “Introducing the Kujus” and “Lagos Real Fake Life.”

Who Is Mc Lively Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Real Name, Wife

Mc Lively Biography

Sani Michael Amanesi, better known by his stage name Mc Lively, is a Nigerian comedian, actor, and legal graduate. He was born on August 14, 1992, in the state of Edo, Nigeria and is the seventh of seven siblings.

Growing up, he was known for being defiant and had a reputation for being difficult to control. According to Mc Lively, he faced severe punishment from his mother for not properly looking after his younger sibling, including physical abuse with a sword and pepper.

Mc Lively has been involved in several Nigerian films including “Fate of Alakada,” where he played the character Dele, as well as supporting roles in “Introducing the Kujus” and “Lagos Real Fake Life.” It is rumored that he is engaged but has not yet taken his wedding vows.

Education Background

Sani had his early education at Ideal Nursery & Primary School in Ile-Ife before proceeding to Moremi High School. He then went on to study law at Obafemi Awolowo University where he was called to the bar in 2016.

Mc Lively originally intended to study public communication at Old Dominion University, but the school did not offer that program. He eventually ended up majoring in law after taking the JAMB test for the third time.

Age – Date of Birth

He is currently at the age of 31 years old at the year of publishing this article. He was born on the 14 August 1992. Mc Lively will be 32 years old in the year, 2024.

The details of Mc Lively’s personal life are kept very secret from the general public. You may want to visit the website again in a few days to see if it has been updated with any new information on his relationship or marital status.

Who Is Mc Lively Biography and Net Worth

State of Origin

Nigerian Popular Comedian Mc Lively hails from Agenebode, Edo State. He was born in Osun State. Agenebode is a town with a rich history, located near the Niger River in Edo State in the southern region of Nigeria.

Mc Lively Net Worth

MC Lively’s Estimated Worth. It is believed that the Nigerian actor has a net worth of approximately $300,000.

The NIgerian comic actor is gaining popularity quickly on Instagram, establishing herself as a rising star in the entertainment industry.

He has been recognized for her comedic talent, receiving the title of “Comedy Act of the Year” at the City People Music Awards.

He continues to receive recognition and praise for her comedic film work and is reported to have a net worth of half a million dollars at present.

Who Is Mc Lively Biography

Mc Lively Career

  • Before 2015, MC Lively was an MC and had always had a humorous sense of humor.
  • He was inspired by the popular comedy show “Night of a Thousand Laughs” and his friends were not surprised when he decided to pursue a career in comedy after he graduated from college.
  • However, his initial attempts at stand-up comedy were a complete failure and he realized that his true talent was in comedic performances.

Rise to Fame with “Agidi”

  • MC Lively’s rise to fame began with the comedic skit “Agidi” about the lack of gasoline.
  • The inspiration for the skit came from a sermon he heard at a local church.
  • He and his brother were responsible for writing the script and producing the movie.

Notable Performances and Collaborations

  • MC Lively has shared the stage with many notable comedians, including Ali Baba, Basketmouth, Tee A, and many more.
  • People started referring to him as “Agidi” due to his obstinate nature.

In Conclusion

Mc Lively, whose real name is Sani Michael Amanesi, is a well-known comedian and entertainer in Nigeria.

He has a large following on Instagram, where he often shares humorous content with his audience.

The actor earned his law degree from Obafemi Awolowo University, located in Ile-Ife, Osun State.

Instead of dressing up in a wig and gown to be called to the bar in 2016, he chose to give a media interview instead.

He credits his previous experience as a lawyer as the foundation that allowed him to become a successful comedian.

He was introduced to comedy at a young age by watching “Night of a Thousand Laughs” with his family.

In 2013, He was appointed as the Master of Ceremony (MC) and by 2015, he had fully transitioned into a career as a comedian.

He is widely regarded as one of the most entertaining comedians in Nigeria.

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